Saturday, December 17, 2005

Brand Building............It's time 4 Us to Build Ours!!!

Question : Which Companies car is this?

9 Out of 10 wud have got the right answer! Do u know y? The Company has created a "Brand Value" for itself in the domain it has choosed to work in. Carving a statue anyone can do it , but making it to stand out among all - only few can do it. The Mercedes has created a niche for itself in the Luxury car manufacturing. Michael Schumacher is know in F1 racing circuit - b'cos of 7 Driver's Championship under his belt. My icon - Man of Consistency, nick named "The Wall" - Dravid took 10 years for him to build his own brand in Cricket. Brand building isn't easy , but 4 sure V can achieve it too, provided V r "Consistent - in the pursuit of Building Our Brand"

Thursday, December 15, 2005

Live Matches...........Beyond My Expectation

It was 13 dec and a decision that was taken by me in flash thinking, which transformed my evening from the usual interactions with the (my now a days) close friend Computer, to a thrilling , live wire experience for me - CHAMPIONS TROPHY hockey tournament. I went with my colleague and Sports freak Mahesh, to witness an electrifying match b/w IND & AUS. The match was over in the first few minutes of start as AUSSIES stunned the INDIANS by scoring 3 goals with in 10 min of the match. I was thrilled and excited not b'cos of the match situation but the experience of seeing LIVE match for the first time in my life time, It was awesome experience, which is worth the penny, athletic AUSSIES showed their class by mauling clueless INDIA 4 - 1 that evening. It will be etched in my memories for ever.

Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Frontier B/W Rich and Poor..............Education

In INDIA the difference b/w people comes in many forms, but when U look at the dividing point b/w rich and poor is EDUCATION(not by wealth..........BUT Knowledge). Y iam insisting on this point is though we INDIANs r considered as Good @ heart, We r respected for our hardwork and Knowledge which we acquired from our Education. The big ? is "whether every one r getting it(Irrespective of the directions they r in/from)". Hope Every one relish the importance of the EDUCATION and give it to their Wards by saying "NO TO CHILD LABOUR".Consider the boat in the photo as INDIA and sailors as INDIANS , to reach the brightness(EDUCATION) WE need to go a long way...................But Iam sure one day we will reach the Pinnacle !!!! Bye guys

Thursday, December 01, 2005

Pursue U'r Interest.............

Everything in Life is possible, When "U pursue U'r interest" . U might ask how? Answer is pretty simple, When u do things tat interests u much ( like playing cricket ) U'r concentation is 100% but think when u r studying u'r mind gets deviated...............U tend to think about ur friends, or anything other than the study material, REASON: "IT MIGHT NOT BE U'R CUP OF TEA". U want to be someone else but due to parental guidance(Better listen! It will Help in the Future) U might be doing something other than U'r passion/interests, Do that till U r getting a secured life BUT once u achieved that spot, IT'S NEVER LATE start working on U'R interests.