Monday, March 20, 2006

Life is ............. A Learning Curve !!!

Hi People !!!
Salam Namaste to all of U! It's after a great weekend with my family Iam posting this thought.
U know during my childhood I wanted to finish my schooling as soon as possible, even during my college days same thoughts prevailed(Simple reason being Learning I thought will end @ this stage), BUT soon I realised - Learning is A Never Ending Process !!! The learning ends when life ends, If somebody accepts my view then u hav reached a level better than the rest, but it's for the rest of U who stand perplexed,life will teach U wat I have meant, Life is ............. A Learning Curve !!! The person who bends @ the curve wins the level, I got to repeat wins the level ONLY, where as the other person LEARNS !!! Both way success is attained

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Battle of The Bed - Winner or Loser ???

Who Won the Battle of Panipat ? Ok I cud see people rewinding u'r memory tape to X std History, guys chuck it,answer is not relevant to our topic at all !!! So u people wondering wats the need for me to ask about Battle? ya it has got something to do with the topic - ok lets jump start to our topic wit a question.......I know every one sleeps, but "how many hours ?" . 6/8/10 hours - most of them fall in the second or third category, when first category is sufficient for a person.Yes, sleep is essential to keep us bright and renewed and healthy. My fear is too much sleep. The kind that keeps great people small. The kind that minimizes high-potential lives.Too much to do and too many great places to explore,Life is for the living. I need to repeat that again: “life is for the living.” You and I have been given a gift today: to have the opportunity to make a difference and exercise our talents and have a brilliantly fun time doing it. And we need to seize (and respect) that gift. Enjoy the morning hours - Go 4 a walk, take u'r child to play a sport, meditate,plan for the day.So sleep less. Live more.Be A Winner of "The Battle of Beds" !!! Now U understood y i putforth that Q in the starting..............

Thursday, March 02, 2006

Play a Sport !!

Hello people !!!
It's long time i have met u all, cos of reasons i cannot single out? Iam refreshed, charged up after being in the state of hibernation - u want to know the reason for me getting rejuvenated I played Table Tennis after a long time -it is not my cup of tea , but that game has brought me some life in me!!! I wud suggest everyone of u to take up a sport of u'r interest and availability in ur environ, but make sure u play a sport. If u r telling that Iam playing in PC , chuck that idea out of u'r mind(which most of the kids r doing now a days) the few negatives in Technological advancements. "SPORT" as such brings Enthusiasm, allows u'r mind to relax( if u clearly notice while u spend time in playing a game u'r thoughts will b focussed on that rather than worrying about u'r work), it helps u to keep ur self in a good shape and physique,it teaches u to work as a TEAM if u take up a team sport and it can be taken as a profession toooooooooo like JORDAN did!!