Friday, May 26, 2006

Say What's in U'r Heart !!!

Hello ppl !!!
I liked this picture so much,so that I wanted it to publish it!!! I hope it will make u giggle but if u hav a serious look in to it , it will kindle u to think !!! In day to day life most of the times "We wanted to say something to friends/peers/boss,but we end up saying NOTHING WHAT WE HAV IN OUR MIND"I believe many of them wud agree wit this point !!! C'mon guys lets speak our mind out, @least wen it is needed, if u dont - It will pile up to give an output -ANGER, TENSION, STRESS ..........and wat not ???? So Speak up but "DONT OVER DO"

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

College Days .............Over ????

"Black Stallions" - The Untouchables of our batch (01 - 05) . We all did IT ,in our college BIT , Tamil Nadu, India- but with lot of fun and @ the same time, lot of failures - one which helped us secure the position what we r really now !!! Lets now go thru' the 4 years of college life
First Year : Year of Independence
We reigned supreme in all the fields that we wanted to - u think in studies, in that too, but especially bunking classes, giving OD, sitting late nights (hey c'mon not 4 studies) to chit chat,watch movies and go outing to near by hill station to have a "Coffee", giving ideas to help his friend to crack ...... not the exams then wat ??? Girls heart !!! First year is wen lot of luv , lot of crushes & so many of them seemed to be happening in everyone's life for the first time . To sum up First Year- Best year in College !!!
Second Year : Year of "Cup of Life"
The year of transformation - from Junior to 'Gethu' Senior, from obedient to outstanding(u know guys wat i mean), best of them all from Bharathiar University to Anna University !!! The last transformation gave a new meaning to our educational records, yes we got arrears for the first time, tho' everyone sud have been feeling bad about it , NO ONE DID , cos all had their "Cup of Life"
Third Year : Year of Ruling
The Birth of Management Guru's - Yes , this year iii Year rule the whole college. All the events - cultural, technical symposiums all were organised by US with Appreciation coming from all quaters. This year of college life gave lot of student to showcase their talents for their department - we never thought that there is so much "Hidden Talents" buried in them. It was an opportunity to bring out those and inspire them to whole new horizon of life - Success & Fame
Fourth Year : Year of Metamorphisis
Guys started realising this is not the end of the world - "Tommorow ???" the question started to haunt whom will I be after this final made us to think. Everyone of us started preparing - everyone of us cleared arears and helped others to do the same . The placements, resumes,GD's ,Interviews and Job offers - Yes it was a happy year for some but not for all. The final year projects and exams all over , with a very good Farewell from our Juniors - winded our college life.I wish all my friends to get placed and have a great life !!!
In the month of April we all got our degrees - here is our "Convocation Snap". i know all of u r feeling - Y the girls photo is not ther ...........tat's wat life is - "U Wont Get what u want, but u will get wat is necessary"