Tuesday, April 29, 2008

dReAm 2 rEaLiTy !!

Dreams are necessary to life.
- Anais Nin

My Dad used to cajole me during supper time in childhood days that he would take me to MOON one day, though it might become a reality in the future, as now a days - MOON is open for a weekend trips - LOL :). I dreamt of travelling in flight with my parent's in the side during my childhood days and I got an opportunity to make this dream a reality this year in March, and I did make use of it fully!!

My Dad and Mom started from the land of Filter Coffee to Paradise Island - Did you get it ?? Ok Ok, Chennai to Singapore - I say !! Then we - A gang of 7( went to KL in Toyota Wish to catch a flight to Langkawi to enjoy the first few days of our dream trip to reality in Langkawi - Full of beaches. A mountaineous resort with a good pool view from top was awaiting with a massage centre, sona bath, a gym, scenic view from the room along with wonderful service at our door steps. Same evening after a good landing we all went to the nearest beach ending with a INDIAN dinner(U get it every where in Malaysia).

Second day we went for Island hopping in a boat to 3 islands - Mangroove Islands, Eagle Feeding Island, then a scenic beautiful lush green island. Same day we went to DON/BILLA fame bridge in Langkawi to get a bird's eye view of Langkawi from the cable car and bridge on top - It was lovely experience !! It was drizzling all the way on the top giving a serene touch. Once the rain stooped the whole mountain was glitterring cos of the dews and sun rays !!

3rd day we started off from our resort to catch our flight back to KL, as our fortune struck us with multiple horns we missed our flight to KL, even when we reached 30 minutes b4 the flight take off - Rules U C - Its not INDIA !! We payed our penalties to catch KL flight to fly to KLCC. As luck was on my side the group headed straight to Sepang Malaysia to watch the F1 Malaysia 2008, and I got the Grand Stand ticket for 500 RMB total !! I never thought in my life I will get a chance to see that from grand stand !! It was a good treat for a bad morning !! Then we headed to KL to catch a glimpse of Petronas Tower and KL City to grab the dinner to end a perfect trip in Malaysia.

Next week was spend with my parent's in Singapore. We went to Sentosa & Vivo city, Raffles, Clarke Quay, Boat Quay, Sun Tech (My Ex - Office), Esplanade, Little India, and in the mean time they even went to an Janarthanam - an Indian friend's home. It was a great trip which has fulfilled my childhood dreams. Dad I promise that I will fulfill your other wishes when you are coming abroad next time !!

To accomplish great things, we must not only act, but also dream; not only plan, but also believe.
- Anatole France

Saturday, April 19, 2008

sELfiSh ??

I denied a friends comment on me as "sELfiSh/sELf cEntErEd pErSoN" during my first year of my college!! I couldn't accept this statement when it came from a person who was dear to my heart. That day I thought I wasn't a selfish person, but after I traversed a couple of phases and seen quite a few people in this half a dozen years I have realized couple of things,

A) I was selfish THEN.
B) Everyone Are !!
C) Degree of Selfishness varies b/w each person.
D) Being sELfiSh is not wrong as long as it doesn't affect others !!

Leave A as it is my own personal life. But coming to point B and C, why Am I making a statement like that, Why, What made me say that ? Going by hypothesis - "SURVIVAL OF THE FITTEST" we humans live our life with that as a THUMB RULE knowingly or unknowingly in this world. By living like this we automatically fall prey for being selfish - U may ask how ? If you think deeply - A work is done for some motive/need to satisfy SELF/FAMILY/SOCIETY. Whatever the cover we can take to hide ourselves in these forms - it will cover, to the outside world but to our conscience we may or may not know that whatever we do is for OUR sake. Selfishness is taught/breed/seen by our society in different forms like Passion,Goals,Vision etc. It might be little harsh but IT's THE HARSH REALITY !!

1) As a student you submit assignments first - Why ?
2) As a professional you finish your work as early as you can and report it to your head - Why ?
3) As a CEO you want to show profits to stake holders - Why ?
4) As a PM/President of a country you try to curb INFLATION - Why ?

To get good marks, To get raise in post/salary, To build the brand, To come to Power again - Degree of Selfishness varies !! If you look at the positives of this selfishness everything is good.Is it not good to get good marks ? Is it not good to finish the project before the deadline ? Is it not good to put INFLATION under check ? Everything is good from our angle but if you see the other side of the coin, Not everyone can finish or be sincere as you are to submit before the deadline/ your ways to curb inflation might/is/are affecting other economy - so here we pave the way for the COMPETITION to start and for SURVIVAL OF THE FITTEST life cycle to lead us to crooked /wrong /unethical way of achieving it !!

When you are selfish for your improvement or your family's improvement or your country's - then it is good as a person/ as a family member/ as a citizen but it might/is/are affecting some other person/family/country somewhere else !! Yes one selfish motive of UK to make a statement "SUN NEVER SETS IN BRITAIN" true brought 2 world wars, birth and death of Japan, Germany. If US of A is not sELfiSh for natural resources then why they are still allowing their soldiers/Iranians/Humans to die ? Cycle keeps repeating in itself - only the nations/ boundaries keep changing TAKING TURNS forgetting the basics - WE ALL ARE UNDER ONE ROOF - EARTH !! We can BE SELFISH - wHo iS nOt ?? AS LONG AS IT DOESN'T AFFECT OTHERS - Its very tough but Doable !! Yes and it is not wrong to be selfish as THAT drives the world in a healthy direction to some extent as LONG AS IT DOESN'T AFFECT OTHERS !! If not this "What made us where WE ARE ?"

Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Gals r Gals - Everywhere !!

1) Risk - They never take.
2) Smile - Close up Models, but don't ever assume their smile !!
3) Work - Hard workers - Yes but not Smart !!
4) Approach - Safety first.
5) Thoughts - Easily Predictable.
6) Love/Affection - BULB (other than family members)
7) Talk - Sugar coated.
8) Vision - Always way ahead leaving the present to someone else.
9) Guys - ATM(Any Time Money).
10) Outlook - To much of care.
11) Mom - The best parent for any kid !!
12) Family - Always striving for the best !!
13) Finance/Economy - Trying to streamline by all means !!
14) Savings - Save , save save & spend only on jewels & nothing else.
15) Friends - After marriage NONE, b4 marriage ONE.
16) Social activities - NILL most of the time.
17) Hobby - Prayer, Temple.
18) Time Waste - Theatre, Sports, Arts.
19) Diet - One Idli till Ms, after Mrs :0)
20) Gossip - Best entertainment.

Anything else please drop your thoughts.