Sunday, July 05, 2009

Life is So Cruel - But 4 Champions !!

Life is so Cruel I thought for Andy Roddick, when he played a magnificent match but ended up on the losing side of another, Best Wimbledon final which better's last year's Wimbledon Final between Rafa n Roger, where Roger Federer cried and said "God It's Cruel", after losing to Rafa in 5 sets!! It was CRUEL, but if we see close & in depth "Its Not" . Why its not cruel - In the thick of action it might look so.............but if Rafa didn't win last year and dethorne Roger "The King" Fedrer from No.1 and Wimbledon Championship, Roger Federer wouldn't have enjoyed his success this year in clay and grass as he did this year, cos he would have cruised without an opponent to FIGHT 4 !! My mom always says "Nothing Stays Up for Too Long and Nothing Will Be Down For Too Long Either !!" Champions like Roger also needed a bitter reality treatment, but Only for him to SHOW HIS GREATNESS and why he is revelled as One of the Greatest in the Tennis History !! Rafa was the one to stop his CRUISE mid sea with his small and fine Yacht built up with Power, Determination, Look, Great versatility to Outwit a Cruis Ship in the form of Roger Federer with allmost all the qualities that is needed for a champion to be in the CRUISE MODE !!

Today in Wimbledon 2009 finals, Roger Federer beats Andy Roddick in an epic match (5-7, 7-6, 7-6, 3-6, 16-14) to regain the Title back and also the World No 1 to show Life Isn't Cruel But 4 Champions and for the ones who Persevere with HARD WORK and Determination for too long even tho' the better player today was Andy. Andy As Roger Said "U Can Win Too" n become a "Champion You Want to Be". U might have lost One of the Best Matches but to become a Champion - You Have to Persevere and Keep showing the Consistency that Roger "The King" Federer is showing (21 Grand Slam Semi's). U have shown the world U have got what it takes to Upset a Champion.............but stumbled the final hurdle - Champion in the Making Rafa too got the same treatment........So Come Back Andy - Keep Working Hard as U have Done All Along n "You Will Win Wimbledon N Yourself !!"

Life is Cruel 4 All, But Champions Shows the world "It's Only WHO GIVE'S UP !!" Swiss's 15th grand slam title overhauls Pete Sampras's tally of 14. Roger Federer didn't gave up after losing a match of his life in last year's wimbledon to Rafa - He Came Back to Make Another History..............and dispel the common man's belief

Life is So Cruel !!
But 4 Champions - Its Not !!
I Want to Be Champion One Day !!