Friday, April 07, 2006

Think Well.........

Vanakkam People !!!

Think and Think again, b4 u

i) Speak up
ii) Venture ur'self in a new horizon
iii) Promising somebody
iv) When U r Negating an issue (Argument)

Guys these r the lessons tat i have learnt thro' my daily experiences and sure it wud help u if u follow it. My mom used to say always " Think well b4 u start working on any new project, once u start it, PUT U'R SOUL INTO IT ". I have seen fellows commiting themselves and they wud ask some time later "Did I Promise u , No way !!" Believe me , "It Hurts a lot", so think well b4 promising anybody and make sure that "U stand by u'r words". Argument will win u the situation but u will lose the life time of friendship, so think well b4 u r going to negate, it's always better to smile than to argue, hav a nice Week end bye !!!