Sunday, February 17, 2008

Singapura - A Tribute to Its Glory

Singapore - A city I admire for Vision, Marketing and Maintenance. Yes these are the main characteristics that sets her to remain in the best city's list. We need to know who is the visionary behind this city's global outlook - The Lee Kuan Yew. He is the First Prime Minister of Republic Singapura and the man behind the team who built/building this tiny nation from a nowhere in the world map to watchable economy. Now lets move to Marketing - Yes indeed a best Manegerial practical course on Marketing is held in this city. You may ask why ? Answer lies in their "Blowing Trumphet" policy for nothing but a normal event of some other S.E. Asian countries. Yes they market everything what they built/build to astronomical level so that the Tourists flok to these places to find that its all available in their home country, minus - Cleanliness. One event we witnessed yesterday is one good example of that Chingay 08'. It was similar to our festival but here they do it in a money making professional way. For every bit of good things you enjoy here - U have to shell your $$ - but whatever you are spending you will get the reward for it - which is what missing in most S.E. Asian countries. Yes its great to build a Taj Mahal but without maintaining - it's same as rotten place. Maintenance factor that is happening without glitch here gives a gr8 look to this city. It's always gr8 to build a Product but who gives SERVICE remain the leader - Singapore are one of the best in that, maintaining what they have in best possible way. Ex - A mall's glass indoors will be cleaned 3 times a day even when there is no dust :) I love this country, but my heart remains in INDIA !!