Saturday, December 11, 2010

Tenacious BUS Driver

RanadivĂ© came to America as a seventeen-year-old, with fifty dollars in his pocket. He was not one to accept losing easily. Ranadive reminisces, “I actually talked my way into the office of RBI. I was 16 years old at that time. I requested them that I should be allowed to get some foreign exchange so that I could go to MIT. After all the effort, I showed up on the shores of America (Boston) with one quarter’s tuition paid for because of the foreign exchange restriction and less than a $100 in my pocket. Since then I have been on my own.” He and everybody are on their own if we realize or not in life, with the company of many good hearted people on our way in life -- esp parent's,sibling's, friends, few good mentors, but still we will be on our own to create the world of our own and we combine it for everybody's benefit and so did he, and created the world of "BUS" - TIBCO (The Information Bus COmpany).

The idea was to have a software bus and plug applications into it and make it a real-time bus and Goldman Sachs was their first customer and from then on its been a ride of a life time for TIBCO BUS. He believes that "If you have just a little bit of the right information a couple of seconds or minutes in advance, it’s more valuable than all of the information in the world six months after the fact" It’s a premise he calls “the two-second advantage,” which will also be the title of his next book, other than his best seller -- The Power of Now & The Power to Predict. Ranadive is a tenacious BUS driver - Paving and creating the blue book, road signs in the least traveled roads !! I hail his tenacity for putting his skin in the game and risking his life to make younger generation believe that "U R On U'r Own - Give U'r All Out", you can pave the way for generation to use and create one more like them !! Some of his philosophies, I enjoyed and liked it and hope you all too,

Business philosophy

Essential business philosophy: Always surround yourself with people smarter than you.

Best way to keep competitive edge: Create an open environment within your organization that enables your top talent to flourish. Put your customers first and when you see an opportunity, move quickly.

Guiding principle: Never, ever give up.

Yardstick of success: I measure it by how many people's lives you can impact or help in a meaningful way, whether that be through technology innovation, sound business judgment or lasting personal connections.

Judgment calls

Best business decision: Becoming an entrepreneur and taking the path least traveled.

Worst business decision: Not going with my gut feeling. You need to trust your instincts.

Toughest business decision: Having to let go of an employee is never an easy decision.

The one word that best describes you: Tenacious.

True confessions

Like best about job: Working with really smart people. I love the fact that I am continually surprised, enlightened and motivated by the talented individuals that I collaborate with every day, both within my own organization and throughout the tech community.

Like least about job: The bureaucracy involved in building a global organization. Too much of it can stifle innovation so you have to be careful to strike the right balance between process and flexibility.

Most important lesson learned: When you make a mistake, acknowledge it, learn from it and move on.

Person most interested in meeting: Leonardo da Vinci -- he was a true innovator.

Most respected competitor: IBM

Three greatest passions: Spending time with my children, playing and watching basketball, cricket and baseball, and, of course, applying my competitive skills in the business world.

First choice for a new career: Basketball coach. (First Indian American to have a stake in NBA Team), Coached her daughter & team to National Finals with no prior experience,


Most influential book:

Gödel, Escher, Bach by Douglas Hofstadter. It combines an exploration on the mathematics of Godel, the art of Escher and music of Bach with a look at the relationship between computers and the way humans think.

Most influential movie: Shawshank Redemption, protagonist's attitude of Never Giving Up.

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Friday, November 26, 2010

tHaNkS GiViNg

If the only prayer you said in your whole life was, "Thank You," that would suffice.
~Meister Eckhart
Now a days all are celebrating more of western culture than our own(Esp in the countries I work/ed they celebrate X'mas more than their traditional festivals), but if there is any great things that exists else where we shall observe, ponder and if it doesn't affect us much in our day to day life and if we are not neglecting our own tradition, then we can start practicising it for the happiness & well being - why not !! Thanks Giving - Its a new concept for me, but I liked the reason behind it " It is about showing one's gratitude for the blessings that we are showered with" and so here in this post, I would like to "Thank" - All of them who shown gratitude to me !!

a) Parent's - They are the BEST, I have told many a times "We are Blessed" to be their Children, I have had always Loved Them, but this year was more the more special as the way they understand/stood me is "Spot On" and also how much support they give me is beyond any of their peers. I'm proud to say -"No One Can Be Like Them in Understanding & Supporting Me" and I doubt will there be any, but I wish I have one/two more persons in the future who want to reach that spot - Thanks Dad & Mom for being so nice to me - There is no pay back for all the LOVE you guys shower on me & bro, but will try my hardest !!

b) Brother - For being my God Father as always, asking the tough question and making me feel, just don't play with your own life and says often - "Wake Up" kiddo, u have lot of aspiration but start working @ it, I need that to rejig myself once in while and here he was doing that everytime when I was in need and he delivered with out me asking for it - Thanks Bro !! U'r comments in the blog, atleast I know u read the blog - that keeps motivated to write again :)

c) Family Relatives - The nicest people other than immediate family have tough fight and this keeps getting interchanged b/w relatives & friends. This year I would like to Thank Relatives as lot of good memories starts with them during childhood, esp first circle of relatives - "Uncle & Aunts" , "Cousins & Nephews/Nieces", and gets to backstage after we start moving a lot with Friends and colleagues. This year I got pleasant surprises and back in good touch with all of them, which was missing for sometime. Thanks All for making me feel that way !!

d) F-R-i-E-N-D-S - I have seen some phases of it, some never stops growing, some dwindles when we thought it will never happen, some started off with a bang and didn't even move beyond a week, some we know we had a great relationship even when we don't speak that often, some changed after they get a family, but yesterday "Tour De School" brought back lot of good memories of our school friends - we still are a close knit gang - Thanks Guys & Gals for being my friend and bring happiness, joy and helping me to overcome some really sad days/things that otherwise would have been difficult to contain !!

e) Colleagues & Job - Last 2 years, I have been seeing more of the South Horizon and in the middle of the year, even I have seen the tip of the south, luckily "Thanks Giving" is in the year end and things are looking better, still covering the south and climbing up toward north and I'm in the median and would definitely like to see the North Horizon soon. I have to unofficially Thank my boss who have shown/showing both the horizons of life and definitely he is nice to me !! There was one person who is Sr and we worked very closely last year and she was part of the successful project win in one of the leading Insurance firm - Thanks a Lot for being there !!

f) Clients - Thinks again was tough for the last two years and picking up and there were couple of clients who have helped me to climb from the tip of south towards better horizons and this is the best time to Thank them for believing in me and I need to Special Thank to One person the most for making me work @ a crucial juncture of almost giving up and inch towards my first deal - Thanks will not suffice for resurrecting my career !!

g) Tutors - Lot of tutors we would have come across in our school & college and very rarely we remember them for long. Few of them I would like to thank are my X grade "Maths" tutor for being so helpful and hardworking. My first year S/W Engg Tutor & OOAD Tutor for their teaching and finally becoming friends !! Glad that I met them and got tutored by them, in corporate life I would say my biggest tutor was "Experience" and I got loads n loads of them as I experimented enough and circumstances allowed me to experience more than what I could handle sometimes. Thanks all for teaching the best you could & shaping me for a bright future !!

h) Others - Who have discouraged me, who have encouraged me indirectly or directly, they have in a way induced me further in climbing the ladder for sure, Thank You All for being part of this year journey and I know you guys will come up next year too - to scale me up in LIFE !!

I) Myself - I Thank My Gut Feel/Instincts/Blind Confidence(tho less compared to my peak) for "Not Giving Up" in so many instances, when Doubt & Only Doubt was my company and I was walking a path - few have taken and with no experience to handle - I Struck Around and I'm seeing the light @ the end of the Tunnel !! Pls share your thoughts in your blog/FB/Twitter/Mail Them - who ever touched you this year.

Have a Happy Thanks Giving to All !!

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Happy Kaarthigai Deepam

Wish You All a "Very Happy Kaarthigai Deepam" !!

It was colorful this year as you can see above, unexpected but enjoyed nevertheless with Sreeni & Family along with another Polarite - Balaji. For myself and Balaji this is the second visit to Sreeni's place in Hunghom in HK and its a win-win for all of us. Sreeni's family like us to be invited as his daughter - Harini(below) enjoys spending time with us (Balaji & myself) and for us a good south Indian meal s0 quite understandable why I said Win win for all :) Had a good fun there watching cricket match, walking to wet market and had a good lunch (Sambhar, Rasam, Valaikai Poriyal, Vadam, Payasam, Nanari Sarbath, Adai in the evening) and good Kaarthigai Deepam ambiance and lot of new faces from their friend's circle to chat !! Nice day spent again @ Sreeni's place. After a long long time celebrated Kaarthigai Deepam and felt the color with the Deepam and light spreading across the place and myself too !!

Tuesday, November 09, 2010


Naanga 5 peru, enga kelvi kekka neraya peru, vali nadatha oru patalame irunthithu, vera vera oorula irunthom, varashum naaalanju vaatiyavathu kandippa meet pannipom chinna vayasula - Quarterly/Half yearly/Annual/ Deepavali/ Pongal/ Ethira leevanu ella leavelayum onna suthirukkom - antha naaatkal "Endrendrum Aliya Ninaivugala Manasula Pathinchirukku", itho ovaruthoroda pagirthalum intha varuda "Deepavali" ONLINE celebration thru maila irunthu,

Vijay aka Bro says, "Ultimately what brings the real happiness is this relationship and the memorable moments,lets cherish this forever".

Vinod aka China says, Deepavali's in the past, where we all assemble and scottapa already have had purchased the crackers for us and then we try to kayavechufy, then get money from all esp aaaya to buy the crackers from Bangar kadai !! Rain will come n play spoil sport and we waking up in the early morning and perima being the first to get up and help us all apply oil along with mom n chiti and all patasu assembled in the front Thinai & make sure the velakku is placed away from the air n crackers for safety and then counting chettiar veetu paatasu paper Vs Ours - those lovely days !! Then going to temple, having a poori chenna breakfast and also the SUN TV programmes used to keep us busy for the rest of the day - lingering moments for all of us and we used to have a great time !!

Vicky Aka iPhone says, Wooow you covered everything except the carrom board game we used to play in the late afternoons. Still I can remember those awesome days!

I really hated going to school after having such a wonderful diwali.

Vijay aka Bro says, Vikku - You forget to mention who usually win, anyways I don't want to tell myself ;-)

Krithika Aka Gang Leader Says, Its great to c the mail, and its even great to know that everybody share the same thoughts. Even i was thinking gone r those days....This generation dont have the same atmosphere v had. It's something special and unique. Not only diwali days, vaadagai cycle, hindi tuition, kites v used to fly, puli mittai, horlicks and maltova (even though they r available now also), nostalgic...,

Vinod aka China says, Sis, tats definitely was those gr8 days which lingers in mind every passing Diwali these days...since u brought the kites, hindi tuition n all, I wish to add one morething that we used to do every summer - swimming in kaveri aaru and adi perukku n mariaamman kovil - bajji, sugar cane juice and also the pariyur pandigai - peengal plate, rubber banthu, suttu velaidrathu, perunkaya dappa, koiya maram, elantha maram,maatuu pongal OMG list was endless - but did all these things year on year !!

Even after doing so much for years we forget something - tats wat this age n time brings to us n not the enjoyment we had and its getting worse for younger wards @ our home too !!

Very nostalgic.....

P.S : @ Akila aka Silent Book Worm - Yet 2 Say ;)
@ All - Just captured the moments from mail to Blog - Add ur comments here so as to enjoy reading in future as well.....

Thursday, November 04, 2010


"Invisible China in China" happened at-last and I loved each & every moment cos of my Chitappa(uncle) who took good care of me in China even at this age, like he did when I got sprained my leg in the Marina Beach 15 years ago - that's true affection & I felt it in every movement as well as moment, Chithi gave the same warmth thru phone calls this time around unlike then CITY Life "Uyirulla Kathirukkai, Cards Playing, Daily Shopping" experiences @ Chennai!! Chitappa - Thank You for showering me all those care which was overwhelming at times and at the same time made me realize after a long time - I'm getting to feel the need of relationship and relatives after few years of seclusive life style in Singapore & Hong Kong !! We cousins have got the best affection, learnings & treatments from All Our "Appa's (Periappa, Appa, Paneer & Parthipan Chitappa) & Amma's(Periamma, Amma, Uma & Baghyam Chithi)", Touch-wood let that continue for ever for us and also hope we do that to our generation as well !!

Moving to the heart of the trip - "Guangzhou" - A place my Chitaapa & Chithi along with their daughters Deepu & Mahisha inherited and consider as their second home & it indeed made me also feel the same way. Guangzhou - I loved the City for the weather, wide roads, good infra n food too !! I liked the place for the "Legacy Modernization" approach they have handled thru SEZ route and Chinese Govt have transformed this normal place in to a "Commerce Hub" where people from all over the world visit to do business - All in less than 20 Years !! I saw so much of sky scrapers and well paved roads and multi layered fly overs and was in awe. But China shows the world "If There is Will, There is A Way" and being a corrupt nation themselves they could do so much that we sud be learning from them and step on the pedal to rise the bar soon to lead Asia & World, like China is doing now in Asia !!

Chitappa offered me the best food of the trip @ home during the first & second supper - "Pepper Chicken" from his culinary skills that was seasoned during his studying days, supplemented with the better known local cuisine from Guandong province - which are normally less spiced, less salted, but ate a lot of variety which I never ever consumed in life till then - Dumpling with Veg stuffing, Pork, Cow stuffing, Brazilian Buffet with all parts of Beef, Japanese Sushi, raw Solmon Fish, Oats, boiled Bracoley & pumkin, lot of fruits - Dates(for the first time I ate the fresh dates and it was really good)
Visited "Pearl River(In the Photo), Fushan(reaching this place took lot of effort for even Chitappa to make the local understand n all my thoughts of trying to find my way in China myself in the next trip was slowly vanishing), Banyan Tree Temple(1400 Years Old), Beijing Lu (Shopping Street where we bought the Warmers/Jackets for winter from Jeans West where the quality and options are more and Beijing Lu is like Nanjing Lu in Shanghai I was told), Leather Market - offered wide variety of shoes for whole sale and fake shoes with all "Hi-End Designer Labels like Gucci, LV, Clarks" too !!

In the Central Guangzhou saw - Big malls (Next to which Govt destroyed a 3 store tower to build a park for people to relax), Samsung Ad-Covered building that welcomed the athletes to the Asian Games in Guangzhou, Tien He sports Center and also the TV Tower (in the photo) is so brightly colored with the best of the bulbs for the Opening ceremony of Asian Games. I would have felt sad if I had missed that view from the Harshvada along the "Pearl River" that plies between the Guangzhou @ a beautifully done pavements on both the side of the river which has good area to walk, sit, jog and reside - I loved the whole sight of It. The pavements on both sides invited me to jog again after a long long time !! I LOVED Guangzhou as a whole but this night view of this river captured my heart n mind !!

We also went to Shenzen and luckily we kept the luggage in the station itself before moving on to the best attraction - "Windows of the World". This place provides the miniature of all the best places in the world, esp most of the 7 World Wonders !! Had a tough time capturing them with out ppl or buildings in the background as its crowded and covered by buildings even thought its in outskirts of Shenzen. One bad thing was no where in the MTR station they mentioned about the attraction, if we need to take a tour it will take 4-5 hrs minimum and even after walking the whole length & breadth of the place, I missed some of them as its big and worth a visit once. We had our dinner in one of the Pakistani/Indian restaurant & Chitappa came almost till the gates of immigration and we bid adieu to one of my first trips to China !! Chitappa thanks for showing me the best of Guangzhou & Shenzen and it was indeed a memorable trip for me - worth the wait of 4 years since the time you invited me to China !!

Saturday, October 09, 2010

Theoreneurial Life Cycle for Winning Companies !!

Corporate job's are risk averse and but less fun as we don't get to do "What We Feel Like", unlike doing a Business!! From "Rags to Riches" stories comes from Entrepreneurs and not regular 9-5 job seekers. I also come to understand all can't become "Entrepreneurs" but have to go thru the below life cycle, either thru our - day today job as Head of XYZ or as Entrepreneur. "Theoreneurial Life Cycle" is must know for all who are doing/will do business or Lead/leading a company !!

"Business Planning, Economic Environment, Business Economics, Industry Analysis,Business Strategy, Product Development, Marketing, Sales,After Sales & Services Marketing, Product Management(Version/Upgrades), Operations & Supply Chain Management, Accounting, Costing, Working Capital Management, Pricing,Finance, Banking, Budgeting, Managing People, Law, Taxation, Communication, Negotiation and Networking "

Practicals Learnings from the above life cycle will be experienced early by real guys out there doing "Entrepreneurial Work" and those who learn these concepts thru' "Theoreneurial Learnings" llike MBA's/Managers who lead/will lead a company will make use of it to grow the organisations they work by acquiring the "Entrepreneur's - Start Up's".

Winning companies do also these four things right,

"They slim down to a few key simple goals with Clear Targets and CarefulFollow-Through; they maintain High levels of Trust with their Customers, Employees, and Suppliers; they do more of what matters to their consumers and lastly they Channel the Anxiety of their People into Results."

Reference: Stephen Covey, IIMB & Urs Own - Invisible China's Daily Experience :)

Saturday, September 18, 2010

MiSsiOn sAi WaN !!

We Eight,
Saw a Sight,
Which was Bright,
We Loved the Light,
& We Stopped @ Right
(Place - Sai Kun, Sai Wan)
We conquered the Might,
Had a good "Sweet n Sour Chicken" fight
On a Saturday Night,
We had a Blast !!
We were back to our Flat,
With fun filled Heart !!

An unplanned trip with new gang and it ended as a blast to all of us - Praveen, Paresh, Mahesh, Soc (Socrates), Balaji, Brijender, Shekar & myself - all from diff states in India but here on a common mission - Mission Sai Wan in Sai Kung. It all started with a call from Brijender @ 10 pm on Sep 17. Not knowing where we are going - I said ok as I just wanted to go out that weekend instead of sleeping in room n wasting my time.

We(Brij & myself) started out by 10:30 from Central, HK Island towards shatin and then to Maon Shan to meet our Polaris friends. We met them at 12 o clock and we boarded our bus 299 to Sai Kun. We reached there in 20 mins, Soc and Praveen joined s. We headed toward the Sai wan village from sai Kung in a taxi and then headed towards Sai Wan Village, Hong Kong.

A cool photo shoot and a sweaty climb interspersed with hiking, lead to mini breaks for drinks and then we reached our beautiful, pristine beaches of Sai Wan and whole gang head to the beach for the swim and a game, where as I moved to what I do best - Photo shoot of the place. This panorama will show us the beauty of the place captured thru' my 3rd eye.

We took a consensus of everybody whether we can finish the complete trial, somebody said "Yes We Can", couple of them said "Ok Fine", few said "Should We ?" with a doubt on their face and worn out body, but everybody accepted to carry on !! After that we went on the uphill, climbing the tough terrain and taking few breaks here n there as Shek was dehydrated and all of us were doing a dead beat except Soc, who was full of energy and telling the gang we need to move fast if we need to finish the trial.

Not everyone was able to match as humidity was @ its peak and it was killing all of us and we were doing a "Dead Beat" and Shek was the first to succumb to the dehydration, n he couldn't move after a good one km uphill, until he gulped a Gatorade & then the Super Hero from Hyderabad started a quick jog to the next stop & to all of our surprise he was the first to reach the beach and was doing a dolphin dives in to the beach again - Due to heavy sweating n humidity as he told later !!

But the steep climb was worth every cent as the place the best view but the most important of all we wanted was there - Our Restaurante' "Cafe' De - Sai Kunga " Its my won name of that place where we had tasty "Sweet n Sour" chicken and also the Veg/Sea/Chicken Fried rice along with Honey Lemon. We felt lucky as Praveen remembered the place and so "Lunner" (Lunch+Dinner) was done.

We hired a speed boat courtesy Praveen's previous hike experience led us to book it before dinner and the boat was just waiting for us to pick n drop us in the "Wong Shek Pier" for 80 HKD. We played catch catch n the bus stop till the bus to Sai Kun arrived and then moved to Shatin to take the MTR to Wanchai !! We had one good evening, that provided all the color to life as below snaps depicts it all !!

Sunday, August 22, 2010

28 & 5 !!

28 & 5 - Both are increasing proportionally so far and I don't know when this is going to change. As per the eternal CHANGE IS THE GAME theory, I hope and wish to see that "CHANGE" next year, hopefully through my long term goal !! 5 symbolizes my affinity towards my employer and 28 I hope everyone guessed it. Celebrated my birthday walking alone to unknown place for 2 hours - Its been a while since I felt the "Loneliness" and its hitting me and I'm trying not to get used to it by doing something like this lonely walking in Lonely Planet - Yes it appears so when you land in a new place and u know Nobody and understand nothing of what they speak, eat, do :) Lets c what happens next year same time - Wish I would have got all I want - Touch wood !!

Thursday, August 05, 2010

Bro - U R Getting Younger & Younger !!

As we grew up, you acted like you didn't care,
But I always knew you looked out for me and were there for me !!
You Owe me only one thing this winter,
A good Birth Day Treat !!
Bask in the Miami Heat,
But Brother Don't Forget the Treat !!
Hope You Know What I Mean,
Until then - Have Fun !!
"Wish You a Very Very Happy B'day Bro"

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Dhamma - Teachings of Buddha !!

Love/Hatred is part n parcel of our life, and we get engulfed & entangle ourselves with these, thro' out our life. We are happy when we get what we need and we become sad when things go in the opposite direction from what we desired for, which causes lot of distress to self n people close to us !! Siddhartha Gautama Buddha was experiencing the same in his life until he learnt many meditation techniques and finally settled in the technique he found - "Vipassana Meditation" which involves one step further from other meditation technique i.e to "Purify the Mind at the Root Level" by focusing the mind to "Observe the Subtlest Activity" & by remaining Equanimous he had cut down the misery caused due to Craving/Aversion and finally attained the "Enlightenment" at the age of 35 !!

History says he started to spread this technique thru' his 5 friends who together with Siddhartha practiced a diff meditation technique but left him until he mastered this technique and the word has spread to many people and even to one of the greatest Indian emperor - Ashoka The Great. Ashoka was calling himself "Cruel Ashoka" as he was conquering the world thru' his aggressive "Kill Any One & Capture" strategy, until he learnt the technique from Siddhartha and he helped spread this technique all over the world. Unfortunately the technique was lost in India after 5 centuries and as per the belief this technique would be maintaind in the pristine purity in "Suvarnabhoomi - Golden Land" and it will come back to India after 2500 yrs through a person.

It happened so, a second generation business family from India who were settled in Myanmar ( Golden Land) were forced to move out of Mynmar during a riot in 19th century. SN Goenka part of that business family was a student then and was a school topper in Myanmar when he came to India. He started business in South India. Once the riot settled in Myanmar he moved back to establish business and he became a well known industrialist and also headed the Hindu Society in Myanmar, preaching the vedas, upanishads in his late twenties !! He got a migraine problem and he approached the best doctors around the world, but with no cure to his problem. Then his friend - A senior defense person recommended him to take up this 10 day Vipassana course from a local teacher. With much of contemplation(cos he being a staunch Hindu and from an orthodox family, how can he learn something from Buddhism) he approached the teacher and the teacher clarified - You can be a Hindu but practice this technique with utmost sincerity. After 3 months he convinced himself to take up the course. He joined the course but was about to give up in the second day, but a persuasive lecturer asked him to continue for few more days of practice. He found the bliss the next day, which even "The Money nor The Hindu Religion", could buy and he was working on this technique under the same Guru for 14 years . His mother fell ill and he needed to return to India for teaching the technique to her mother, as this was almost the similar problem he faced. Coincidentally it was 2500 years since Buddha taught "Dhamma" in India. Following many requests SN Goenka started teaching "Vipassana" in India and it has spreads his wing across the world now.
I was fortunate to attend the course in Chennai in the month of May(19 - 31) 2010. Ten day course is very pragmatic(for they ask you to believe in this technique only when you experience the results yourself) and I highly recommended this for all, as it helps to understand our mind and how much clutter we carry and how to get rid of all those at the root level using this technique !! We will be also be able to get a feeling how "Wavelets" are the only things that is existing in this Universe but the scientific explanation they shower and the self experience will help us to believe in this technique more so than others. I got to feel it for the first time in my life on the fourth day !! It was the best ever experience in my life with a strong vibration spread across head to toe, as my whole body transformed to single packet of wavelets vibrating and I experienced the "Bliss". Next day I even got very strong vibration and was swinging back n forth and I felt it every time I meditated and felt really good, then my Guru made me realize that day that swinging sensation I experienced was a pleasant sensation and asked me not react to it and be equanimous towards both pleasant and gross sensations - which upset me but realized later in the course that he taught the right thing to me.

" Dhamma - Teachings of Gautma Buddha "

a) "Shila/Morality"

Vipassana meditation Technique started with taking 5 precepts, and they are as follows,

"No Lying, No Stealing, No Killing, No Sexual Misconduct, No Liquor".

b) "Shamadi - Mastery Over Mind"

Shamadi is practiced and achieved in the first 3 days, thru' step by step approach which started of with "Aaana Paana Breathing Technique" - It is observing the "Normal Breathing", and then slowly decreasing the area of concentration to a triangle portion (Nose until up to the upper lip of our mouth) and then further decreasing the area of the concentration(just the "Nostril") to tune the mind to note the "Subtle Sensation*" in the body. *Sensation - Can be heat, perspiration, sweating, vibrations, pain etc.
c) "Panya - Purification of Mind"

Guru's taught the Vipassana technique on the fourth day, "Observe the Sensation in the Body Objectively (Don't React) and Be Equanimous towards Sensation". We were asked to take an important oath on that day i.e. "Not to move from the place for One hour during Meditation" and it resulted in experiencing the Gross as well Pleasant Sensation across the body. When we react to either pleasant/gross sensation we create a "Sankara". For Ex : When the gross pain is heavy in one part of the body the mind will have a abstract thought running about any bad event/fight/quarrel and when you observe the sensation around the nostril area we might have a heat sensations in the nostril area and the gross sensation will keep increasing but the technique will teach us "The Law of Impermanence" which is the magic mantra that will help to treat both gross and pleasant sensation with Equanimity !! If we practice it well, we will see the gross pain getting dissolved and pleasant sensation and if we still maintain the equanimity then we can even observe Subtler sensation (after years of practice) and when we are equanimous towards all sensation even to the subtlest we will attain the Nirvana @ this point of time - "Love Compassion & Goodwill", will prevail over SELF !!