Friday, January 25, 2008

Ferrari - F1 Road Show !!

Lucky Lucky Lucky....what else to say other than that -When you are asking just for a glimpse of Schumi's F1 Car you are provided with "A Champagne, A Ferrari cap, A Miniature Ferrari Car" all for one contest - Pit Stop Fuel Contest. I won this contest for filling the fuel in 6.9 seconds. What a gr8 moment for me and I get to touch the Schumi's F1 car, which he has driven himself in 2005 Formula 1 race. Being a F1 & Ferrari fan and an ardent supporter of Schumi - I loved the moment.

Thursday, January 10, 2008

One Lakh Car !!

"There's only one way to succeed in anything and that is to give everything."

Vince Lombardi

Happy New Year To All !! Yes indeed this is a New Year for Mr.Ratan Tata and his team of innovative engineers @ Tata Motors and to Incredible INDIA!! World is awestruck to see "NANO - People's Car " which everyone thought was not possible to bring it to reality. When it was in the design stage it was scoffed off as it will not meet the international standards, when it was unvieled to the public eyes - they sounded like GREEN REVOLUTIONIST attracting every quarter of the globe to go against one visionary man - Mr. Ratan TATA, but he stood like Howard Roark - protagonist in the one of the best novels I ever read - "Fountain Head" - to withstand the detractors around him to see his vision thru' in the form of a People's Car NANO. I love it !! I Love anything that has tag - "MADE IN INDIA". Yes, as a proud INDIAN we need to love all the indigenous products given with the quality of this genre !! Tho' I haven't tested it, but I still believe, it will go on to create a History in Auto industry. Mr.Ratan you have "Delivered On Your Promise" and by that you have become a great inspiration for others to follow suit. You are defining a New Territory and making the detractors to follow - You are one Hell of a person !! Bro Shall we go for one ?? Our First - Our Own INDIAN car @ easily affordable price - Awaiting......

The Making of the Nano - Please read this post and intention of the Man who wanted to really make a difference in the way people of INDIA to commute, it is a boon for The People of INDIA and don't believe in the detractors who need their sales trajectory to grow rather than INDIAN people's lifestyle(As they are Businessmen from neighbouring borders)