Tuesday, January 24, 2006

One in 1000.......................Opportunities

Opportunity knocks wide open for some and but some say it never come's close to them, it's all how they percieve it. Billions and Billions of $ is wat Bill is worth of ....................U know y he seized the opportunity, he gambled, he risked but he lived up to his dreams !! The opportunities some times come to u, but some times We got to create them , How ? is the Question u people ask right? I will let U know - as in the photograph U can identify one man very easily cos he is UNIQUE likewise we got to hone a talent and work hard to make tat is Unique for ourselves, no one sud be able to touch us the same heights unless and other wise we teach them the trade, tat way U can Stand out from the crowd and "U Can Win" , Oppotunities will be less for Onlookers but high for ...........................

Friday, January 20, 2006

Thoughts..............It tells who U are!!!

Your thinking forges your reality. Your thoughts form your world. And what you dwell on shapes your destiny. Why? Because the ancestor of every action is a thought. Positive thoughts provoke Positive actions and constructive behavior. And negative behaviors, of course, lead to negative results. Thought are so powerful that if you strenghten it to an extent where u'r mind thinks only about the positivity of any outcome U will attain the success, to foster this statement I would like to ask u people one simple question, "What u do in Temple?" - U'r answer would be "Pray" , according to my opinion u r in a "deep thinking" about U'r future with atmost concentration, means the thoughts or wat u pray will be coming as an action . So guys as in the picture "Sharpen U'r thoughts.............It will lead to U'r destiny "

Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Chennai Open .........

Lucky !Lucky !Lucky !Lucky ! Wat else to say - I got the ticket for the finals of "Chennai Open", courtesy - Raja( and I was the Luckiest on earth tat day , simply for 2 reasons I met Leander Paes and I had the privilege to watch Carlos Moya and Ivan Ljubicic(eventual champion) jus one metre away, the latter part was cos of my Gut feeling . "Fortune favours brave" - I was not supposed to enter the court with out Orange card but I went in to the VIP area and then to the playing area, where a volunteer stopped me for the pass, I convinced him after a long chat , who accepted to leave only on my own risk,which I did to enjoy the privilege of taking the photo of the finalist - along with the PRESS people, Iam proud tat I took the right decision "Bravoooo"

Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Words............Use it Wisely!!!

The words you use determine the way you feel . The language you choose shapes the way you perceive the world. Communication and interpersonal skills are the hottest in the market, with which u can leap to new heights in u'r career graph! Don't utter a word unless U r sure about it - cos we shouldn't lead our friends to North when they r suppose to go to south, which I did! Don't always let u'r feeling in mind out, it's not wise - though it seems right to us , it needn't be for others! The two words which everyone can often use is "THANK YOU" & "SORRY" both are equally important based on the circumstances. So better Mind U'r Words.

Monday, January 02, 2006

Happy B'Day for - "2006"

Wish U all a "Happy New Year" , Let everyones dream come true in their own way! U know wat I did for this new year , I went to Mahapalipuram with my pal Raja in Bike covered by breeze and protected by salt. It brought back the moments tat rewinded my life time for about 15 years back, My first ever trip with my family to Madras, now Chennai and to Hyderabad.Tat time we roamed VGP beach and Mahapalipuram, I still remember the glorious days of past when me and my bro' sat on the elephants statue of Mahapalipuram temple and played a "Catch Me If U Can!" a game with the sea water, most of the time we won and sometimes we let sea to win. When the trip got folded I was a man with heavy hearts !!! The photo depicts the scenario prevailed during the New year day among chennaites.Bye for now guys!!