Thursday, September 27, 2007

INDIA @ 2020

Flags Fluttering everywhere as team INDIA captured Twenty20 Cup. I'm very happy as every INDIAN. Joy would have been doubled if Mr.Wall captured the previous shorter version of the game. Not many supported the INDIAN outfit when they started the campaign - but that is when I backed them as I did for Dravid in his lean patch. The habit of not supporting "A PERSON WHEN HE NEEDED MOST" is what happening in reality when otherwise would do a lot of wonders. Not once INDIA came out of the brink of defeat to victory - it was 4 matches in a row, yes they were awesome as an unit, brought back the cricket crazy fans back to their feet and b4 TV and many companies even lost their man hours - like Rajeev's.

INDIAN team was showered with MONEY and ONLY MONEY - for they have done a clean job , BUT is it something no one has achieved it b4 ? NO - Aussies are making it a ROUTINE - Only if they lose it's becoming a NEWS. Then why this kind of euphoria when INDIAN team wins it ? Is it cos INDIANS win it after 22 years(Meaning they are inconsistent) and not many world beaters in other sports ? Why people throng their stars only when they win and not when they lose? Haven't these people never lost anything in their life and craved for support? Only when DOMESTIC is stabilised we will be a team to beat like AUSSIES now and WINDIES in yester years or else it will be a one of situation for another decade and so called fans will turn their back in No time.

YES only when attitude changes and visionaries comeup INDIA will be a DEVELOPED NATION in 2020 rather than DEVELOPING NATION by then . Lets carry on this fire on all cylinders to make INDIA a country to live in, an economy to compete with, and FORCE TO RECKON IN ALL Departments - Take Defeat in Stride But Never Lose the Lessons from the Loss - as OUR INDIAN team did !! 3 Cheers to Young Guns headed by Dhoni !!