Friday, August 25, 2006

Iam Back ……… with ANTSSSSSSSS !!!!

Hi Guys !!!

Its been quite a long break from blogging but Iam Back !!!! Guys, While there is much to learn from outer space, especially from one insect by name “ANT” their appearance might deceive us from the amount of work they do, See this picture though ANT’S SIZE IS SMALL “BUT” IT CARRIES A LEAF WHICH IS DOUBLE IT’S SIZE. Guys if we realize our potential we can “ACHIEVE THE INEVITABLE”, that’s what ANT’S are used to !!! I'm sure that up close, there is so much to learn from this six-legged insect. An ant amazes me with their discipline and teamwork with never ending zeal and briskness, which everyone should inculcate to reach the skies in all facets of our life. Next time when I blog I will come up with a very good news to all of U , I hope so !!!!