Saturday, January 30, 2010

MaLaD bEaCh

Mumbai - My second visit to the "Financial Capital" happened this year cos of the new role !! I was lucky to see my cousin Priya and her fiance Abijeet !! Also happened to meet my first year buddy Sudershan alias Suth, whose company is remembered for the best adventures of my college life !! The following photo is a dedication to my basketball career !! Looking to resurrect the same soon in Bangalore with my best school friend and basket player - Jayanth alias J.....

Wall N Me !!

I met Dravid in Bangalore bound flight from Mumbai. He was/is/will be one of my favourite cricketers ever for the "Never Say Die" attitude on the field !! I heard he was very much happy to play the first test against SA, but for selectors who felt "The Wall" needs rest to fix the crack in the Jaw !! I admire him and more so take him as inspiration for fighting in my life !! Thanks for showing the grit on the field and being a great motivator for the aficianados like me !!