Friday, December 29, 2006

Hasta la vista 2006, Alóha 2007 !!!

Happy New Year !!!
A question - Why it is each New year is bigger than the previous one ?? Mathematically I have a solution to it - 2007 > 2006 is it not ?? That's why each and every new year is bigger and brighter than the year passing by !!! Every year has it's Ups & Downs, +ves and -ves, Success & Failures, let me pen down what happened in 2006 - Received my Engineering Degree !! Bought my first bike - PULSAR (Drove alone - most of the time). A trip to munnar with my school friends. To Mom & Dad - My first gift to them was in 2006 & going to continue every year. Bro and me studied,enjoyed and roamed together after 10 long years. Onsite opportunity to Singapore(Missing my family & friends ) !!
What I aspire to be in 2007 & beyond - "What We Are Is Parents Gift To Us. What We Become Is Our Gift To Them" . My resolution for 2007 - To procrastinate Procrastination & Doi Moi Myself by executing my Plans !!!

Doi Moi - A vietnamese word for Renovate.

Monday, December 04, 2006

History.....In the Making !!!

The Road Less Travelled..... Few People have dared to do this,Whoever have done it... scripted their own History !!! I'm glad, proud and even elated to write this post. Yes one of my friend has dared to travel the road less travelled , which none of us had thought about - To start a Company - Universal Elements(UE - !!! What a great move, indeed a stunning decision in their(A 9 member team) early part of the career. The company has bagged many projects and already celebrated their first anniversary and paying their associates 10k per month. I wish my friend - Vivekananthan & Team "ALL THE BEST " in joining hands with TATA's , RELIANCE, INFOSYS.... to transform INDIA into a developed nation by 2020 !!!

Wednesday, November 08, 2006


It’s me (my nick name). Wondering y this name ??? Even I did, when my school buddies called me - Chinaaaaaaaaaaaaa !!! One day out of curiosity I asked my frens y they call so – many reasons popped out but the one which stood out “ U look like a Chinese” and other being the use of Chinese products , courtesy my Aunt !!! Tho’ I wanted to put an end to it when I entered college …but it remained my nick name thru’ out my student life !!! When I entered my professional life I didn’t hide it from many, so I volunteered to tell my nick name as CHINA. Now after giving a deep thought to my nick name – I realized I have more similarities to Chinese – tho’ facial is one , but the other things is DREAMING BIG ……….Yes I always DREAM BIG and most of the time I do Achieve it ……………One day I will make OUR INDIA a best place to live in ….. I know it needs a lot of effort but I will make sure that it happens before the last sleep………….I’m Proud to Be an INDIAN, eventho’ I’m called as Chinaaaaaaaaa………….. One more good news - It's been ONE YEAR SINCE I STARTED BLOGGING !!! Wish me luck to carry on .......

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

To Live For Ever !!!

"If you would not be forgotten as soon as you are dead and rotten, either write things worth reading or do things worth writing."

Friday, October 13, 2006

S i N g A p O r E !!!

One of my life time experiences - boarding "The Concorde " of India - INDIAN, for my first ever abroad travel was indeed a breath taking experiences - The street lights lit up whole of Chennai and made me to sit upright and made me say WOW !!! To be frank INDIAN was a big bus that which flies - No Big Difference ?? Next morning I was in Singapore - A well planned city of 35x45 kms filled with Malls, Shopping Centres and well maintained ROADS and Appartments with ever bustling activity and people all around !!! In last couple of months I have had some FIRST TIME EXPERIENCES and these are the ones will linger in my mind for ever- One such is Singaporeeeeeee!!!!

Sunday, September 17, 2006

Dad & Sis......Happy Birthday To U Both !!!!

Today it's ur day !!! Have a gr8 day DAD !!! Though Iam away from u , my wishes are ther for u always DAD, Happy Birth Day to You !!!! Hey Sis - Krithika Akkkkkkkkkkka, How can I forget ur's , Iam the first to wish you for this year, u know Y ?? Cos iam wishing u 3 day b4 itself hahahahaaaaaaaaaa !!!! Advance Happy Bday to U !!!! Adios......

Friday, August 25, 2006

Iam Back ……… with ANTSSSSSSSS !!!!

Hi Guys !!!

Its been quite a long break from blogging but Iam Back !!!! Guys, While there is much to learn from outer space, especially from one insect by name “ANT” their appearance might deceive us from the amount of work they do, See this picture though ANT’S SIZE IS SMALL “BUT” IT CARRIES A LEAF WHICH IS DOUBLE IT’S SIZE. Guys if we realize our potential we can “ACHIEVE THE INEVITABLE”, that’s what ANT’S are used to !!! I'm sure that up close, there is so much to learn from this six-legged insect. An ant amazes me with their discipline and teamwork with never ending zeal and briskness, which everyone should inculcate to reach the skies in all facets of our life. Next time when I blog I will come up with a very good news to all of U , I hope so !!!!

Friday, June 02, 2006

Kal Ho Na Ho..........

When we have something, we dont understand the significance of that possesion, once we lose tat we contemplate a lot about it !!! May be that might be human nature,but those who have achieved something in life wud hav done it little differently - Yes they wud have enjoyed the possesion when they got it !!!! To put it simply "Enjoy the Moment" - cos we dont know whether we will be ther to enjoy the other day ???? Kal Ho Na Ho..........

Friday, May 26, 2006

Say What's in U'r Heart !!!

Hello ppl !!!
I liked this picture so much,so that I wanted it to publish it!!! I hope it will make u giggle but if u hav a serious look in to it , it will kindle u to think !!! In day to day life most of the times "We wanted to say something to friends/peers/boss,but we end up saying NOTHING WHAT WE HAV IN OUR MIND"I believe many of them wud agree wit this point !!! C'mon guys lets speak our mind out, @least wen it is needed, if u dont - It will pile up to give an output -ANGER, TENSION, STRESS ..........and wat not ???? So Speak up but "DONT OVER DO"

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

College Days .............Over ????

"Black Stallions" - The Untouchables of our batch (01 - 05) . We all did IT ,in our college BIT , Tamil Nadu, India- but with lot of fun and @ the same time, lot of failures - one which helped us secure the position what we r really now !!! Lets now go thru' the 4 years of college life
First Year : Year of Independence
We reigned supreme in all the fields that we wanted to - u think in studies, in that too, but especially bunking classes, giving OD, sitting late nights (hey c'mon not 4 studies) to chit chat,watch movies and go outing to near by hill station to have a "Coffee", giving ideas to help his friend to crack ...... not the exams then wat ??? Girls heart !!! First year is wen lot of luv , lot of crushes & so many of them seemed to be happening in everyone's life for the first time . To sum up First Year- Best year in College !!!
Second Year : Year of "Cup of Life"
The year of transformation - from Junior to 'Gethu' Senior, from obedient to outstanding(u know guys wat i mean), best of them all from Bharathiar University to Anna University !!! The last transformation gave a new meaning to our educational records, yes we got arrears for the first time, tho' everyone sud have been feeling bad about it , NO ONE DID , cos all had their "Cup of Life"
Third Year : Year of Ruling
The Birth of Management Guru's - Yes , this year iii Year rule the whole college. All the events - cultural, technical symposiums all were organised by US with Appreciation coming from all quaters. This year of college life gave lot of student to showcase their talents for their department - we never thought that there is so much "Hidden Talents" buried in them. It was an opportunity to bring out those and inspire them to whole new horizon of life - Success & Fame
Fourth Year : Year of Metamorphisis
Guys started realising this is not the end of the world - "Tommorow ???" the question started to haunt whom will I be after this final made us to think. Everyone of us started preparing - everyone of us cleared arears and helped others to do the same . The placements, resumes,GD's ,Interviews and Job offers - Yes it was a happy year for some but not for all. The final year projects and exams all over , with a very good Farewell from our Juniors - winded our college life.I wish all my friends to get placed and have a great life !!!
In the month of April we all got our degrees - here is our "Convocation Snap". i know all of u r feeling - Y the girls photo is not ther ...........tat's wat life is - "U Wont Get what u want, but u will get wat is necessary"

Friday, April 07, 2006

Think Well.........

Vanakkam People !!!

Think and Think again, b4 u

i) Speak up
ii) Venture ur'self in a new horizon
iii) Promising somebody
iv) When U r Negating an issue (Argument)

Guys these r the lessons tat i have learnt thro' my daily experiences and sure it wud help u if u follow it. My mom used to say always " Think well b4 u start working on any new project, once u start it, PUT U'R SOUL INTO IT ". I have seen fellows commiting themselves and they wud ask some time later "Did I Promise u , No way !!" Believe me , "It Hurts a lot", so think well b4 promising anybody and make sure that "U stand by u'r words". Argument will win u the situation but u will lose the life time of friendship, so think well b4 u r going to negate, it's always better to smile than to argue, hav a nice Week end bye !!!

Monday, March 20, 2006

Life is ............. A Learning Curve !!!

Hi People !!!
Salam Namaste to all of U! It's after a great weekend with my family Iam posting this thought.
U know during my childhood I wanted to finish my schooling as soon as possible, even during my college days same thoughts prevailed(Simple reason being Learning I thought will end @ this stage), BUT soon I realised - Learning is A Never Ending Process !!! The learning ends when life ends, If somebody accepts my view then u hav reached a level better than the rest, but it's for the rest of U who stand perplexed,life will teach U wat I have meant, Life is ............. A Learning Curve !!! The person who bends @ the curve wins the level, I got to repeat wins the level ONLY, where as the other person LEARNS !!! Both way success is attained

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Battle of The Bed - Winner or Loser ???

Who Won the Battle of Panipat ? Ok I cud see people rewinding u'r memory tape to X std History, guys chuck it,answer is not relevant to our topic at all !!! So u people wondering wats the need for me to ask about Battle? ya it has got something to do with the topic - ok lets jump start to our topic wit a question.......I know every one sleeps, but "how many hours ?" . 6/8/10 hours - most of them fall in the second or third category, when first category is sufficient for a person.Yes, sleep is essential to keep us bright and renewed and healthy. My fear is too much sleep. The kind that keeps great people small. The kind that minimizes high-potential lives.Too much to do and too many great places to explore,Life is for the living. I need to repeat that again: “life is for the living.” You and I have been given a gift today: to have the opportunity to make a difference and exercise our talents and have a brilliantly fun time doing it. And we need to seize (and respect) that gift. Enjoy the morning hours - Go 4 a walk, take u'r child to play a sport, meditate,plan for the day.So sleep less. Live more.Be A Winner of "The Battle of Beds" !!! Now U understood y i putforth that Q in the starting..............

Thursday, March 02, 2006

Play a Sport !!

Hello people !!!
It's long time i have met u all, cos of reasons i cannot single out? Iam refreshed, charged up after being in the state of hibernation - u want to know the reason for me getting rejuvenated I played Table Tennis after a long time -it is not my cup of tea , but that game has brought me some life in me!!! I wud suggest everyone of u to take up a sport of u'r interest and availability in ur environ, but make sure u play a sport. If u r telling that Iam playing in PC , chuck that idea out of u'r mind(which most of the kids r doing now a days) the few negatives in Technological advancements. "SPORT" as such brings Enthusiasm, allows u'r mind to relax( if u clearly notice while u spend time in playing a game u'r thoughts will b focussed on that rather than worrying about u'r work), it helps u to keep ur self in a good shape and physique,it teaches u to work as a TEAM if u take up a team sport and it can be taken as a profession toooooooooo like JORDAN did!!

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

What ever happens ................ 4 the best of U

What is the Human's Life span?
Normally 65 years,
Life is too short , wouldn't you people agree?Ya it demand excellence of performance, relentless innovation and self motivation to achieve u'r goals. At the end of the day “The purpose of life is to Enjoy" have fun rather than to mourn, so develop a positive vibe, u can experience many a changes in the LIFE & the crowd around u !! U achieve all of these when u develop a positive attitude !! . Believe that what ever happens .........happens for the best , if u develop this thinking then u will see a massive change in the way u perceive the life.........Problems or Opportunity ? By now all u people started saying it as an opportunity, good luck guys seeeeeeeeeeee u all in the next posting!

Tuesday, January 24, 2006

One in 1000.......................Opportunities

Opportunity knocks wide open for some and but some say it never come's close to them, it's all how they percieve it. Billions and Billions of $ is wat Bill is worth of ....................U know y he seized the opportunity, he gambled, he risked but he lived up to his dreams !! The opportunities some times come to u, but some times We got to create them , How ? is the Question u people ask right? I will let U know - as in the photograph U can identify one man very easily cos he is UNIQUE likewise we got to hone a talent and work hard to make tat is Unique for ourselves, no one sud be able to touch us the same heights unless and other wise we teach them the trade, tat way U can Stand out from the crowd and "U Can Win" , Oppotunities will be less for Onlookers but high for ...........................

Friday, January 20, 2006

Thoughts..............It tells who U are!!!

Your thinking forges your reality. Your thoughts form your world. And what you dwell on shapes your destiny. Why? Because the ancestor of every action is a thought. Positive thoughts provoke Positive actions and constructive behavior. And negative behaviors, of course, lead to negative results. Thought are so powerful that if you strenghten it to an extent where u'r mind thinks only about the positivity of any outcome U will attain the success, to foster this statement I would like to ask u people one simple question, "What u do in Temple?" - U'r answer would be "Pray" , according to my opinion u r in a "deep thinking" about U'r future with atmost concentration, means the thoughts or wat u pray will be coming as an action . So guys as in the picture "Sharpen U'r thoughts.............It will lead to U'r destiny "

Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Chennai Open .........

Lucky !Lucky !Lucky !Lucky ! Wat else to say - I got the ticket for the finals of "Chennai Open", courtesy - Raja( and I was the Luckiest on earth tat day , simply for 2 reasons I met Leander Paes and I had the privilege to watch Carlos Moya and Ivan Ljubicic(eventual champion) jus one metre away, the latter part was cos of my Gut feeling . "Fortune favours brave" - I was not supposed to enter the court with out Orange card but I went in to the VIP area and then to the playing area, where a volunteer stopped me for the pass, I convinced him after a long chat , who accepted to leave only on my own risk,which I did to enjoy the privilege of taking the photo of the finalist - along with the PRESS people, Iam proud tat I took the right decision "Bravoooo"

Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Words............Use it Wisely!!!

The words you use determine the way you feel . The language you choose shapes the way you perceive the world. Communication and interpersonal skills are the hottest in the market, with which u can leap to new heights in u'r career graph! Don't utter a word unless U r sure about it - cos we shouldn't lead our friends to North when they r suppose to go to south, which I did! Don't always let u'r feeling in mind out, it's not wise - though it seems right to us , it needn't be for others! The two words which everyone can often use is "THANK YOU" & "SORRY" both are equally important based on the circumstances. So better Mind U'r Words.

Monday, January 02, 2006

Happy B'Day for - "2006"

Wish U all a "Happy New Year" , Let everyones dream come true in their own way! U know wat I did for this new year , I went to Mahapalipuram with my pal Raja in Bike covered by breeze and protected by salt. It brought back the moments tat rewinded my life time for about 15 years back, My first ever trip with my family to Madras, now Chennai and to Hyderabad.Tat time we roamed VGP beach and Mahapalipuram, I still remember the glorious days of past when me and my bro' sat on the elephants statue of Mahapalipuram temple and played a "Catch Me If U Can!" a game with the sea water, most of the time we won and sometimes we let sea to win. When the trip got folded I was a man with heavy hearts !!! The photo depicts the scenario prevailed during the New year day among chennaites.Bye for now guys!!