Saturday, June 30, 2007

Books !!!

Photo By - Invisible China

A truly good book teaches me better than to read it. I must soon lay it down, and commence living on its hint.... What I began by reading, I must finish by acting. ~Henry David Thoreau

A post on books - a long pending one in my blog. Yes I have very recently inculcated this habit of reading books, tho' my mom has stressed this from my childhood. Mom for your relentless try - I have picked the books in my hands " On My Own" without any compulsion from any exams, marks or staffs. Yes atlast I'm realising the value of books and they are becoming my part of lifestyle. Some of the experiences which I have gone through in life is already written by someone who has written it in a way I have experinced - What a feeling to rejoice the moments when we read those kind of lines ? And some of the books are real eye opener for reasons which we experience only when WE READ !!! Yes I thank myself for having picked up this habit offlate. Some of my recent reads are as below,

1) Go Getter - Peter B Hyne - A must read book for any person.
2) Monk Who sold His Ferrari - Robin Sharma - A lovely narration of Life.
3) Wings Of Fire - APJ. Abdul Kalam - Man of Positives.
4) Straight From the Gut - Jack Welch - A life lived and breathed in G.E.
5) More Than a Hobby - David Green - About a retail chain - HOBBY LOBBY.
6) Execution - Larry Bossidy & Ram Charan - As name suggests its all about execution of plans.
7) FedX - Ram Charan - About FedEx
8) 7 Day Weekend - Ricardo Semler - A Company like this in the world - I wud like to work !!
9) Road Less Traveled - Scott - i felt it as dry book.
10) Power Of Now - Current Read - Just started .....

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Malaysia - Truly Asia !!!

Photo By - Vinod(My First Snap on My Blog which is taken with my First Cam). Please see the rest in Flickr in the sides.

Day 1 :-)

A trip to Malaysia with my new buddy - Vijay was amazing for many a reasons. We boarded the bus in Kovan,Singapore perfectly on time with driver and rest of the passenger waiting our arrival for 30 min, yes we reached on time for travel but not for the checkin time. The bus then moved to the immigration point of both the borders and we entered Malaysia to reach our first destination - Melaka or Malaca meaning "Welcome to Malaysia". A Historical place known for local cuisine and kind people. First visit was Butterfly farm - which quenched my photographic thirst. We got a lift back to the bus station from a localite after a scortching wait for the bus. Out of 100 cars he was third person to stop and but only person to give lift to us - who is keen on marrying Pretty Zinta - Azib All the best man !!! We then moved on to our next pit stop Serambawan inorder to catch a cab to our one night stay in Eagle Ranch Resort in Port Dickson(A Chance event - Malaysian Tourism Quiz gave us the gift ) - One of my best ever resort experieces so far with facilities including an amazing wooden room & natural semi open bathroom with falls like shower, swimming pool, Gokarting, horse riding, volleyball, An amazing top view & last but not the least beaches just behind the room - What a serene place we were in - made me feel I was gifted !!! I hit the bed @ 12 and wow I havent slept like that day for a while - A peaceful sleep with absolute content in heart !!!
Day 2 :-- )
Started with a thunderous effect - yes woke up with the rains amidst deep sleep. Started the day with a walk down to the sea shore just behind the room, had a pleasant walk in sand with no ppl around - first time a beach which was not crowded. Then had a dive in the swimming pool which was amazingly cool after the raineffect, followed with Go Karting with inmates. We then started our trip to much awaited capital city of Malaysia - Kulalumpur fondly called as KL among ASEAN's. Twin tower wich attracted millions of tourist every year has not spared us, and the Sky Bridge which connects the Petronas Twin Tower has a daily visitors of 1600 only. I had a strong inner feeling that we will walk in the sky bridge and it became real as our luck was by our side & we got the tickets to get to Sky Bridge even tho' we didnot stand in the queue @ early morning, cos one Malay guy gave the extra 2 tickets to us. Once the 5 min walk in the mid of 88 floor tower was over we had a quick lunch. Then we started to the next tower - KL Tower to be followed with view of KL from Eye on Malaysia !!! Trip ended with a great food from one Indian muslim restaurant. We bid farewell to Truly Asia with eyes closed inside the bus to Uniquely Singapore.
Therima Kasih - Thank You in Malay for reading my Malaysian experiences......hope to follow it up with my visit to our land of Brain & Beauty soon.

Friday, June 22, 2007

N+E+W L+I+F+E !!!

The Winner Ain't The One With The Fastest Car It's The One Who Refuses To Lose !!

Friends ,

I'm still a Ferrari Fan - Our Schumi is gone and I'm chearing the Rookie :-)

Yes lot of new things have added to me in the past one month,

1) I got THIRD EYE - Yes my first camera in my Life - A DSLR from Canon family !!!

2) I now have comp in my Lap - yes "Think Pad" in Chinese form - Lenovo :)

3) I have changed my home and I'm now staying with some more techies from, where else our own land of brain & beauty - INDIA !!!

4) Well I'm on my way to Malaysia, and from now on I will be typing my daily experiences @least once in a week as I'm connected with web in my new home :)

All of a sudden life looks too the flower !! i'm enjoying the moment.