Saturday, November 10, 2007


Good entertainer albeit Logic and Story :) One time watch movie !! I will be off from blogging till end of this year. Got to do something which is long pending from my side - Yes working for first time to achieve my ane & only ambition - Ppl Wish me Luck and Success in this endeavour & break of blogging - Thanks !!

Thursday, September 27, 2007

INDIA @ 2020

Flags Fluttering everywhere as team INDIA captured Twenty20 Cup. I'm very happy as every INDIAN. Joy would have been doubled if Mr.Wall captured the previous shorter version of the game. Not many supported the INDIAN outfit when they started the campaign - but that is when I backed them as I did for Dravid in his lean patch. The habit of not supporting "A PERSON WHEN HE NEEDED MOST" is what happening in reality when otherwise would do a lot of wonders. Not once INDIA came out of the brink of defeat to victory - it was 4 matches in a row, yes they were awesome as an unit, brought back the cricket crazy fans back to their feet and b4 TV and many companies even lost their man hours - like Rajeev's.

INDIAN team was showered with MONEY and ONLY MONEY - for they have done a clean job , BUT is it something no one has achieved it b4 ? NO - Aussies are making it a ROUTINE - Only if they lose it's becoming a NEWS. Then why this kind of euphoria when INDIAN team wins it ? Is it cos INDIANS win it after 22 years(Meaning they are inconsistent) and not many world beaters in other sports ? Why people throng their stars only when they win and not when they lose? Haven't these people never lost anything in their life and craved for support? Only when DOMESTIC is stabilised we will be a team to beat like AUSSIES now and WINDIES in yester years or else it will be a one of situation for another decade and so called fans will turn their back in No time.

YES only when attitude changes and visionaries comeup INDIA will be a DEVELOPED NATION in 2020 rather than DEVELOPING NATION by then . Lets carry on this fire on all cylinders to make INDIA a country to live in, an economy to compete with, and FORCE TO RECKON IN ALL Departments - Take Defeat in Stride But Never Lose the Lessons from the Loss - as OUR INDIAN team did !! 3 Cheers to Young Guns headed by Dhoni !!

Monday, August 20, 2007

Silver Jubilee !!

A Silver Jubilee is a time to look back and thank every person who has contributed and a time to pause and reflect on all the good work done.
Silver Jubilee - For Who ? - It's me !! My existence in this planet is nearing 25 years in a days time. Im going to celebrate my 25th birthday by thanking few people I value and can die for - I mean It.
My Dad & Mom - Yes I'm here and if I'm walking on the Earth properly with no problems any where, its cos my parents have given me what I needed as a child.
Dad - Appa is what I fondly call him and we had our High tides & low tides sandwitched by a normal life, the experiences and the best lesson which I will take from him in these 25 years is "NEVER GIVE UP" . I grew up considering Dad as my idol - as any kid. He taught me how to play most of the sport I knew now - We as a sons would defintely be proud to say we had all the sporting equipments for most of the sports during our childhood days. A hard days @ work ends with a massage - "Our walk on his Back" was his relaxation. He was a Man of Loyalty - Yes he never wanted to betray others and man who beliefs and befriends everyone, and most importantly a person "Who Treated All Souls as Equals". The way he took care of us, how much he stressed for the cleaniness, the way he cook us chicken, he was a Math tutor too. In the high school & college years our family was surviving the worst economy - our family has ever gone thru in my life time- If I was in my Dad's shoes - I would have been shouting with the stress I would go thru' but he has never yelled at me for money as a reason, even he was ready to put me in college by paying handsome of money - I don't know why was he ready to do that - Is it cos of the over spending nature for His Kids , Or for me to get a good education from one of the good colleges around, Or Was that a Fatherly duty - May be all !! DAD - Thanks, U GAVE/GIVES/WILL GIVE US THE BEST. I would like to see you as young and trim as you were when we became a Family !!
Mom - A woman who shaped me and shaping me for ever from my Day 0, yes she was the lady who acted as the Fulcrum of our Family and showed me "What dedication is to her Kids & Family ?" - yes she stayed home for us all throughout her married life to bring up their beautiful kids to face the "Fittest Survive World". She has a smiling face & has never showed the emotions she was going thru' inside. She got in to library and wrote my first ever prize winning notes- which made me a Orator in my school days and later on gave me the confidence to take on the larger gathering - Paper presentation I did during my UG days. Yes she gave me the lessons of my life - when I was personally going thru a worst night mare of my life - Losing Self belief, but it was my Mom who showed me the Lights again by taking the hard walk with me and showed me "Love Is the Ultimatum" - It can turn a person from no one to anything he likes to, My MOM U'R LOVE is THE BEST I got ever on those rainy days of my life. The one main lesson I learnt from her - "Talk To the Top Person, To get Your Work Done", yes she did for both my bro and me to get the best education her children can get. Buzz word during my childhood days were - "Education is the Key to One's Upliftment" though I haven't realised it then completely now we are realising it after we are earning our bread - Only cos of the Education and degrees which stands and will stand for ever with us. Yes it was my Mom who had sown the seeds in our minds, now we bear the FRUIT - of her persistence, hard work and affection even when she had gone thru many a obstacles and turbulence mentally and physically. If the situation beckons She always try to avoid the bad news to their children for their Well Being, yes she asked Dad not to reveal about her accident from me cos I was writing my 2nd sem. Mom - I have cried many a times, feeling really proud and happy for having come out of your womb as ur SON.
Both of them gave us enough Freedom to explore, as my mom stood by the word - "Kalavum Kattru Mara" (Learn Everything - Bad & Good, take the Good and Forget the Bad). Is there anything on Earth I could ever do to equal their Love and Affection on Us ? I don't think there is any - If there is one it would be to act the same way to my Children(In the future) as my Parents did to Us, but I will love to show my kindness in anyway I can, in the years to come. I thank you both on my 25th B'day for having you As Our Parents - I know my Bro would agree on all accounts on the above.
Bro - A person who has experienced everything b4 Me - affection from my Dad & Mom, everyone in our family, schooling, brotherhood, sports etc and after my birth he disliked me for the share I vouched for... as EQUAL RIGHTS. He treated me as his foe in our childhood days as I wanted to take his place in bed time and seeked for more attention. I know it led to a scar in his mind which I'm feeling bad and would like to take this opportunity to say Sorry for those acts - which was done when my brain was just growing and Attention was the key word, yes I was child then and it was not Intentional My Bro - Please forgive me !! We were playing cricket, tennis and I enjoyed every moment of our Teen years. He doesn't like to lose against me in anything then and One incident is still greeen in my memory - A Chess game, the sport I learned by watching my bro and dad play , that day he was about to lose but he never accepted defeat - So he Clean Sweeped the Board to take away the victory from me and defeat against his name - I write this to say he is FIGHTER to the core, he doesn't like to lose at any cost. One lesson I have learnt from him is "Show Your Love, Dont Hide It" yes he was hiding his love for me in his HEART - He was so proud of me but KEPT TO HIS HEART and revealed to his conscience more and concealed it to me - then I realised who he really he is, only in my college days. "A man whom I can count on all the front - A person who is going to lead me when the World is going to be ". Bro Thanks for being My Bro in this life time- Wiser in Thoughts and always better and elder than me.
I thank myself to have a FAMILY LIKE THIS - What A wonderful Gift I have been bestowed with and the love is growing every year and its better than last.

Thursday, August 16, 2007

MuDgAwN - Guess The Place ???

Bachem, Khaala's & Khaaka - If U dont know the place "MuDgAwN" then what about "mArGaO"- OK I'm giving a clue - famous for beaches and sea food, still wondering...hopefully not, Yes it is GOA and we relished there with a DIL CHATHA HAI kind of snap in Sharpora Fort !! It was a 3 day trip for which team came from 2 different direction. We reached bit early and we started the day of in Colva beach then we headed towards our resort near Calangute beach. We dived in a pool with rain just giving an acupuncture treatment while couple of friends were still reaching the place :) Same night we headed to Calangute beach - 8 ppl in 2 Activa well it was a gr8 ride and luckily we were never caught by police and turned late after dinner. Next day we hired 2 more bikes and then went to Sharpora Fort and then to Panjim (Capital of Goa) searching for the famous Aguada Fort - where Amir & Co stood, then we went to Old Goa to see the churches of some ages standing as it was built. Then did a shopping in Panjim ended up eating there and moved on to hit the bed at 12 - exactly the time we need to leave the vehicles back to ppl we rented from. Next day we again dived in to pool then we headed back to Vasco da Gama - for part of the crew to board - Air Deccan and we departed with loads of memory and happiness filled in our hearts but sadness, tiredness were evident in everyones face as - A 2 weeks of planning came to a halt with another Goan lunch in Red Chillies :) EVERY ONE HAD A GR8 TIME !!!
If You Wish To Make An Impact For aYear, Go To a Trip to Goa with Friends and I did !!

Friday, August 03, 2007

I Met All - This Summer !!

One Cannot Collect All The Beautiful Shells On The Beach, One Can Collect Only A Few, And Above All Are Some Of The Beautiful Shells whom I Met Again this Summer !!!

I Met, Spoke, Laughed, Enjoyed the reactions from all and now Carrying those Beautiful moments in my ROM(I know it's a RAM :-) , but it shouldn't be for these moments). Who are they ???

Skool Friends :-

Very Happy to meet my school buddies J (Jayanth), Mothi (Muruganand), Nandi (Arunanadi Chelvan) after a gap of an year. We all with J's colleague went to Goa trip for 3 days. Wow we had a excellent outing there in a nice resort. We travelled inside Goa with bikes which we rented for. We had a nice Sea Food for 2 days - Bill touched 3k every time :) Now u all know why I'm fit.

Balamurugan - A gang Leader in our skool days and now a Senior S/W Engg in IN--L - Hmmm time flies leaving our F'ship in dream but ORKUT changed it. Now we are connected again :) We had a nice half a day tour of Blr along with a stop over dinner in Forum with Kaaats(Madesh), Pizza hut :-)

My Bro Friends :-

Vasanthan - A guy who promised and delivered. A hundreds of thanks wont suffice his F'ship towards my bro. He helped my bro a lot "When my Bro needed Most".
Arun Balaji - A guy who finished his studies in Aussie,is now an entrepreneur - Yes he started his food chain "Dhaksin" in Bangalore :)

First Years :-

When I was in my final year I met and ragged then first year juniors - Prasanna, Zee Karthik, Arun Anna, Prateesh, Ram Guhan, Shyamnath, Sriram, Vinod, Arun. It was those days when I befriended them thru' ragging and that F'ship made me to go back to my UG college this summer. What a night it was - Had a gr8 dinner and then enjoyed a stay again in the hostel room with them & happened to see their so called Dance - Huh what a laught riot we had ?? Those dance moves made me to laugh all the way to stomach pain :-) Thx Vimal for ur amazing moves :-)

Tutors --> Sisters :-

Same day I met my First year tutors who turned to be a friend and then lovable Sisters - Evelyn Brinda & Arun Anto. Both of them have a gr8 kids who are too clever and beautiful :) Daniel - Arun Anto mam's kid was shy and calm as Anto Mam. Anto Mam thanks for ur helps as Final Year Project Guide. Varshini Linda - Evelyn Brinda mam's gal is amazingly cute - looks like a Nerd as her score card suggests :-)
Hema Mam - Who took "DataStructure" for me, helped me in clearing the paper and also in a special project for FUTURA(A National College Event in our College) - A replica of Harsha Bogle's ESPN School Quiz. Now happy to see her family in to CSC and her kid - Saurabhi is roaming around mam's leg when ever she is @ home. Mam Thanks for ur help.

Brain Bell :-

Arivu Mani is what the heading as been translated in to. He stands as a definition to his name. A man of few words but highly knowledgable guy. I had a full night chat with him to understand his life story and came to know he was much greater person than I thought off b4. Hats off to his achievements so far and All the Best for the forthcoming ones !!!

GURU(Siva)JI :-

The Boss of POLARIS, he was my direct junior, my team mate in basketball and now my colleague(Centre Snap). What a chap he is - he respects everyone and we had a nice chat about our crushes in college and found solace that both didn't convert it in to a love affair :-). Good or Bad - We both felt it as a good experience !! He showed me a new fad of watches - CUBES from Pantaloons, which I got it for 40% discounted rate. Whooo I have a New watch - My Time in Life is changing to Best - Touch Wood !!

College Friends :-

First one I met was Dandu - "Rain Against" is his nick name. I enjoyed the rendezvous as it was the most fulfilling for him and me for seeing his affection towards me :) Then I met my friend Suresh alias Kamu, who started from Kerala to meet me and rest all gang of IT "B". We(Goldvel,G,Kutti,Vijay,Vadivel,Sriram)all went to Residency for our Supper, which they later on converted to a treat - I was the Goat this time around for all the reasons on earth :)

Room Mates :-

My UG room mates - Sathish (I fondly call him Kunda) & Harish & Yuva were all in one corner of TN this time, but managed to see the first 2 guys in their own Den. The highlight of meeting the lions in their Den is "We get Good Food" and this time around I got the Best Food with perks as shopping !!! I owe a treat to Harish's mom for their Chicken Curry :-) I luv to go to Sathis's home once again for the Full Meals (Veg).

I also met Bharani(My opp room mate in college) - we even went to a film called "Kreedam" acted by Ajith, and Xcolleagues - Stephen, Karthik...... I met All whom I had planned to meet and who ever were available. This gave me an energy and time to cherish for another year to work in a place were I have few ppl to count on :) Thank You Guys for these moments !!!

Saturday, July 28, 2007

A Trip - Once In A Life Time !!!

I'm back to my roots after an year of alienation in a small but beautifully maintained City/Country - Singapore. My vacation started with a bang - A Family Trip after 20 long years. A trip which has brought us together - Just to relax and recuperate !! Early morning we started from home when even nocturnal mammals tend to sleep and 2 hours of travel led to a bright and well lit - Tirupathi temple, where we happened to listen to a woman with a gr8 voice singing "Subrabatham" - A good start with God's support indeed (which was helpful in latter part of our tour) !! We reached Ooty, then moved to Avalanche with Chevy loaded with all the provisions to stay there - What a place to stay was the comment from my Bro !! (Hope you all agree to it after seeing the snap). We had a nice time for 2 days and then we started to move to a Dam site, but there was a road block due to trees falling cos of heavy wind and rain in that area. Trip that lasted for just 2 days will be etched in our mind for ever - As we were together on a trip after a very long time.

Saturday, June 30, 2007

Books !!!

Photo By - Invisible China

A truly good book teaches me better than to read it. I must soon lay it down, and commence living on its hint.... What I began by reading, I must finish by acting. ~Henry David Thoreau

A post on books - a long pending one in my blog. Yes I have very recently inculcated this habit of reading books, tho' my mom has stressed this from my childhood. Mom for your relentless try - I have picked the books in my hands " On My Own" without any compulsion from any exams, marks or staffs. Yes atlast I'm realising the value of books and they are becoming my part of lifestyle. Some of the experiences which I have gone through in life is already written by someone who has written it in a way I have experinced - What a feeling to rejoice the moments when we read those kind of lines ? And some of the books are real eye opener for reasons which we experience only when WE READ !!! Yes I thank myself for having picked up this habit offlate. Some of my recent reads are as below,

1) Go Getter - Peter B Hyne - A must read book for any person.
2) Monk Who sold His Ferrari - Robin Sharma - A lovely narration of Life.
3) Wings Of Fire - APJ. Abdul Kalam - Man of Positives.
4) Straight From the Gut - Jack Welch - A life lived and breathed in G.E.
5) More Than a Hobby - David Green - About a retail chain - HOBBY LOBBY.
6) Execution - Larry Bossidy & Ram Charan - As name suggests its all about execution of plans.
7) FedX - Ram Charan - About FedEx
8) 7 Day Weekend - Ricardo Semler - A Company like this in the world - I wud like to work !!
9) Road Less Traveled - Scott - i felt it as dry book.
10) Power Of Now - Current Read - Just started .....

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Malaysia - Truly Asia !!!

Photo By - Vinod(My First Snap on My Blog which is taken with my First Cam). Please see the rest in Flickr in the sides.

Day 1 :-)

A trip to Malaysia with my new buddy - Vijay was amazing for many a reasons. We boarded the bus in Kovan,Singapore perfectly on time with driver and rest of the passenger waiting our arrival for 30 min, yes we reached on time for travel but not for the checkin time. The bus then moved to the immigration point of both the borders and we entered Malaysia to reach our first destination - Melaka or Malaca meaning "Welcome to Malaysia". A Historical place known for local cuisine and kind people. First visit was Butterfly farm - which quenched my photographic thirst. We got a lift back to the bus station from a localite after a scortching wait for the bus. Out of 100 cars he was third person to stop and but only person to give lift to us - who is keen on marrying Pretty Zinta - Azib All the best man !!! We then moved on to our next pit stop Serambawan inorder to catch a cab to our one night stay in Eagle Ranch Resort in Port Dickson(A Chance event - Malaysian Tourism Quiz gave us the gift ) - One of my best ever resort experieces so far with facilities including an amazing wooden room & natural semi open bathroom with falls like shower, swimming pool, Gokarting, horse riding, volleyball, An amazing top view & last but not the least beaches just behind the room - What a serene place we were in - made me feel I was gifted !!! I hit the bed @ 12 and wow I havent slept like that day for a while - A peaceful sleep with absolute content in heart !!!
Day 2 :-- )
Started with a thunderous effect - yes woke up with the rains amidst deep sleep. Started the day with a walk down to the sea shore just behind the room, had a pleasant walk in sand with no ppl around - first time a beach which was not crowded. Then had a dive in the swimming pool which was amazingly cool after the raineffect, followed with Go Karting with inmates. We then started our trip to much awaited capital city of Malaysia - Kulalumpur fondly called as KL among ASEAN's. Twin tower wich attracted millions of tourist every year has not spared us, and the Sky Bridge which connects the Petronas Twin Tower has a daily visitors of 1600 only. I had a strong inner feeling that we will walk in the sky bridge and it became real as our luck was by our side & we got the tickets to get to Sky Bridge even tho' we didnot stand in the queue @ early morning, cos one Malay guy gave the extra 2 tickets to us. Once the 5 min walk in the mid of 88 floor tower was over we had a quick lunch. Then we started to the next tower - KL Tower to be followed with view of KL from Eye on Malaysia !!! Trip ended with a great food from one Indian muslim restaurant. We bid farewell to Truly Asia with eyes closed inside the bus to Uniquely Singapore.
Therima Kasih - Thank You in Malay for reading my Malaysian experiences......hope to follow it up with my visit to our land of Brain & Beauty soon.

Friday, June 22, 2007

N+E+W L+I+F+E !!!

The Winner Ain't The One With The Fastest Car It's The One Who Refuses To Lose !!

Friends ,

I'm still a Ferrari Fan - Our Schumi is gone and I'm chearing the Rookie :-)

Yes lot of new things have added to me in the past one month,

1) I got THIRD EYE - Yes my first camera in my Life - A DSLR from Canon family !!!

2) I now have comp in my Lap - yes "Think Pad" in Chinese form - Lenovo :)

3) I have changed my home and I'm now staying with some more techies from, where else our own land of brain & beauty - INDIA !!!

4) Well I'm on my way to Malaysia, and from now on I will be typing my daily experiences @least once in a week as I'm connected with web in my new home :)

All of a sudden life looks too the flower !! i'm enjoying the moment.

Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Temporary !!

I feel everything in Life is a momentary/temporary. Everything in life is different from other. Today is different from yesterday and definitely from tomorrow. We are not the same what we were/are going to be!! Some moments are most enjoyable for me but it would not be for others. You can try anything - but to recreate similar moments will almost be impossible, so instead of trying to think about the lost/future moments which may/maynot happen, concentrate on the PRESENT. We are trying hard to make temporary moments permanent.............

The Future Is Not A Result Of Choices Among Alternative Paths Offered By The Present, But A Place That Is Created. Created First In The Mind And Will, Created Next In Activity. The Future Is Not Some Place We Are Going To, But One We Are Creating - Anonymous.

Thursday, April 26, 2007

H!a2US - A Break !!!

It was not I craved for...but I got it cos of my love affair with sleep, procrastination, laziness, known and unknown worries that culminted for a Hiatus !!! Well sometime in life we dont know why are we doing something - for some ppl it might end in a day, for some it might take weeks, but for me it took couple of months. I was not enjoying this break cos it was not my wish, but it happened with my knowledge and I allowed it. Hope U all had this sort of experience in ur life too !!! Tried to find why am I going thru' this break, the answer came out was - " I was STATIC " for a while. We should keep ourself occupied with something or the other, Hiatus more than a week WILL START TO CONSUME US !!! Think about your next Move -BUT Keep Moving, Directions doesn't matter as long as U R MOVING - One day u will realise u have moved this path FOR A REASON !!!

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

L+O+V+E = LIFE !!!

To The World You Might Be One Person, But To One Person You Might Be The World.
That One person can be,
Dad & Mom- They Know Their Children Are Growing Up, When - Their Children Stop Asking Them Where They Came From And Refuse To Tell Them Where They're Going & Seem Not To Notice Them, Hovering, Averting their Eyes, And Seldom Offer Thanks, BUT What Dad & Mom Do For Them Never Stops- An Unconditional LOVE !!!
Bro or Sis - One who teaches fight @ Childhood, One who plays with you in Adulthood, And who comes thru' out our LIFE time to share our happiness & sadness - A Love only for the Sibling !!!
Relatives - Supportive people who are part of your family emotionally, who fill the shoes in the time of happiness and more importantly the time when anyone NEEDS them most - A Family Love !!!
Friends - U can B What U R - With FRIENDS. Yes they let & accept you for what you are, BUT with CARE. The Man Who Treasures His Friends Is Usually Solid Gold Himself & I'm ONE :) Yes it is - A Friendly Love !!!
Better Half - Tho' Single till now :), but this is what lingers in my mind about her- You Don't Love Someone For Their Looks, Or Their Clothes, Or For Their Fancy Car, But Because They Sing A Song Only You Can Hear - A Wife's Love.
Colleagues - People who teach the management lessons for leading a LIFE outside in reality - Fittest Survive !! Yes we get to meet some tutors, peers, BOSS's who pour their learnings in the form of their teaching for no reason other than - A BOSS's Love !!!
Anonymous - I've Learned That No Matter How Much I Care, Some People Just Don't Care Back, BUT Give them Love And Unconditional Acceptance To Those You Encounter, And Notice What Happens.
I Think Dogs Are The Most Amazing Creatures, for They Give Unexpected Love. For Me They Are The Role Model For Being Alive .
P.S - On Valentine Day thought of writing about LOVE & How I perceive about LOVE.

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

M=I=S=T=A=K=E=S - Are They ???

Seneca once said: "It is not because things are difficult that we do not dare. It is because we do not dare that things are difficult"

Mistakes = Learning’s/Opportunity, Yes if we look @ the mistakes we had committed so far, all of them would have offered a lesson/ teaching/ opportunity to us, along with some sort of disappointment. Most of us look at the disappointment & never take the Learning’s/Opportunity from the mistakes committed. The attitude to look at the opportunity can be inculcated @ any point of time in our life and it takes a bit of time cos we have been used to LOOK @ DISAPPOINTMENT WITH MAGNIFYING LENS rather than using the same lens to view the Learning’s/Opportunity. For all Supervisor (I know @ every point of our life we will have one – Starting from DAD 2 PM 2 PRESIDENT of Organization) please DON’T SCOLD YOUR PEERS FOR THE MISTAKES committed, rather GUIDE them when they do so.
Early Mistakes In LIFE = Early SUCCESS IN LIFE, BUT Only If U LEARN From MISTAKES !!!
A person without mistakes - Any body there ??? If @ all anybody exists then it means (s)he wudn't have done anything whole of his/her Life !!!
NOTE: If anyone want to speak to loved ones in abroad, please use this url - for FREE* (* - 4 Ten Minutes Only) .
PS : It's not alone mistakes, it can be a failure in everyone's life !!!

Thursday, February 01, 2007

Lunch Box @ Esplanade

The Esplanade - Theatres on the Bay is a waterside building located on six hectares of prime waterfront land alongside Marina Bay near the mouth of the Singapore River, purposely-built to be the centre for performing arts for the island nation of Singapore. It contains a 1,600 seat concert hall and a 2,000 seat theatre for the performing arts. First time in my life I happened to view a Live performance of an upcoming band - HYBRID - thru' " Lunch Box @ Esplanade" - A special program where Esplanade allows budding talents in Singapore to come and perform b4 a huge gathering on every last tuesday of a month. I'm glad Singaporeans are good @ spotting & recognising the talents, which most other countries fail to do.(I wud say size of this small Island Nation is helping them in many ways)
Lau Pa Sat - Built in 1894, Lau Pa Sat is the largest remaining Victorian filigree cast-iron structure in Southeast Asia. Located in the heart of Singapore's business district, the former wet market has been restored and is now a favourite food centre of the locals, offering a wide and affordable variety of local foods. I did eat few of the best - Satay Chicken, Tom Yam Soup, Sting Fish and Octopus , it was 2 good to be tasted - Courtesy Mr. Maran(A Singaporean entrepreneur in Security system) . For a novice like me it was an eye opener to the local food & I had a galla night, with my new find humorous & witty friends - Mutharasu, Maran , Siva & Padmini

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

I Care 4 You !!!

"The secret of staying young is to live honestly, eat slowly, and lie about your age. - Lucille ball "

Happy Birthday Vicky !!!! I have choosen this photo just to show my passion for you in - just not wishing but also to make sure that tho' sometimes my expressions might look like this harsh looking Lion, but - Underneath it means " I Care 4 You " . I take this opportunity to send a birthday wishes to my Cousin -Mahisha & my one of the best buddies - rAjA and Mothi whose B' day are over !!! The above words apply to all of whom I'm in touch with, especially to MY FAMILY & FRIENDS. Thanks for all of them who are showering a lot of LOVE towards me !!!