Saturday, September 18, 2010

MiSsiOn sAi WaN !!

We Eight,
Saw a Sight,
Which was Bright,
We Loved the Light,
& We Stopped @ Right
(Place - Sai Kun, Sai Wan)
We conquered the Might,
Had a good "Sweet n Sour Chicken" fight
On a Saturday Night,
We had a Blast !!
We were back to our Flat,
With fun filled Heart !!

An unplanned trip with new gang and it ended as a blast to all of us - Praveen, Paresh, Mahesh, Soc (Socrates), Balaji, Brijender, Shekar & myself - all from diff states in India but here on a common mission - Mission Sai Wan in Sai Kung. It all started with a call from Brijender @ 10 pm on Sep 17. Not knowing where we are going - I said ok as I just wanted to go out that weekend instead of sleeping in room n wasting my time.

We(Brij & myself) started out by 10:30 from Central, HK Island towards shatin and then to Maon Shan to meet our Polaris friends. We met them at 12 o clock and we boarded our bus 299 to Sai Kun. We reached there in 20 mins, Soc and Praveen joined s. We headed toward the Sai wan village from sai Kung in a taxi and then headed towards Sai Wan Village, Hong Kong.

A cool photo shoot and a sweaty climb interspersed with hiking, lead to mini breaks for drinks and then we reached our beautiful, pristine beaches of Sai Wan and whole gang head to the beach for the swim and a game, where as I moved to what I do best - Photo shoot of the place. This panorama will show us the beauty of the place captured thru' my 3rd eye.

We took a consensus of everybody whether we can finish the complete trial, somebody said "Yes We Can", couple of them said "Ok Fine", few said "Should We ?" with a doubt on their face and worn out body, but everybody accepted to carry on !! After that we went on the uphill, climbing the tough terrain and taking few breaks here n there as Shek was dehydrated and all of us were doing a dead beat except Soc, who was full of energy and telling the gang we need to move fast if we need to finish the trial.

Not everyone was able to match as humidity was @ its peak and it was killing all of us and we were doing a "Dead Beat" and Shek was the first to succumb to the dehydration, n he couldn't move after a good one km uphill, until he gulped a Gatorade & then the Super Hero from Hyderabad started a quick jog to the next stop & to all of our surprise he was the first to reach the beach and was doing a dolphin dives in to the beach again - Due to heavy sweating n humidity as he told later !!

But the steep climb was worth every cent as the place the best view but the most important of all we wanted was there - Our Restaurante' "Cafe' De - Sai Kunga " Its my won name of that place where we had tasty "Sweet n Sour" chicken and also the Veg/Sea/Chicken Fried rice along with Honey Lemon. We felt lucky as Praveen remembered the place and so "Lunner" (Lunch+Dinner) was done.

We hired a speed boat courtesy Praveen's previous hike experience led us to book it before dinner and the boat was just waiting for us to pick n drop us in the "Wong Shek Pier" for 80 HKD. We played catch catch n the bus stop till the bus to Sai Kun arrived and then moved to Shatin to take the MTR to Wanchai !! We had one good evening, that provided all the color to life as below snaps depicts it all !!