Wednesday, April 02, 2014

Candid Photographer & Blogger Friend

I started following Amrit from his IIT days & he is one person who has shown me "You Can Achieve Everything if We Put Our Heart In To It", he has done it in style many couldn't do !! I like his openess, rarely I have seen a person that much open in India !! I'm a silent spectator of his work for long long time, I started reading his blog then came the Shittons, from being a nerd (IIT) to a long distance runner, mountaineer, corporate hulk (PWC) to now his final passion - Photography,  he is an inspiration to me in many ways !! I would say he is evolving to be one among the well known Candid Wedding Photographers in India and hopefully in Asia as well in future ! He doesn't know me that well, but I thought this post will help spread the words & so he can continue the passion for long time to come. Amrit - Wish You & Neelab Highly Successful Stint in the photography work that you guys want to pursue !! His professional work of Wedding Candid Photography can be found here, Shaadigrapher