Thursday, April 26, 2007

H!a2US - A Break !!!

It was not I craved for...but I got it cos of my love affair with sleep, procrastination, laziness, known and unknown worries that culminted for a Hiatus !!! Well sometime in life we dont know why are we doing something - for some ppl it might end in a day, for some it might take weeks, but for me it took couple of months. I was not enjoying this break cos it was not my wish, but it happened with my knowledge and I allowed it. Hope U all had this sort of experience in ur life too !!! Tried to find why am I going thru' this break, the answer came out was - " I was STATIC " for a while. We should keep ourself occupied with something or the other, Hiatus more than a week WILL START TO CONSUME US !!! Think about your next Move -BUT Keep Moving, Directions doesn't matter as long as U R MOVING - One day u will realise u have moved this path FOR A REASON !!!