Friday, December 29, 2006

Hasta la vista 2006, Alóha 2007 !!!

Happy New Year !!!
A question - Why it is each New year is bigger than the previous one ?? Mathematically I have a solution to it - 2007 > 2006 is it not ?? That's why each and every new year is bigger and brighter than the year passing by !!! Every year has it's Ups & Downs, +ves and -ves, Success & Failures, let me pen down what happened in 2006 - Received my Engineering Degree !! Bought my first bike - PULSAR (Drove alone - most of the time). A trip to munnar with my school friends. To Mom & Dad - My first gift to them was in 2006 & going to continue every year. Bro and me studied,enjoyed and roamed together after 10 long years. Onsite opportunity to Singapore(Missing my family & friends ) !!
What I aspire to be in 2007 & beyond - "What We Are Is Parents Gift To Us. What We Become Is Our Gift To Them" . My resolution for 2007 - To procrastinate Procrastination & Doi Moi Myself by executing my Plans !!!

Doi Moi - A vietnamese word for Renovate.

Monday, December 04, 2006

History.....In the Making !!!

The Road Less Travelled..... Few People have dared to do this,Whoever have done it... scripted their own History !!! I'm glad, proud and even elated to write this post. Yes one of my friend has dared to travel the road less travelled , which none of us had thought about - To start a Company - Universal Elements(UE - !!! What a great move, indeed a stunning decision in their(A 9 member team) early part of the career. The company has bagged many projects and already celebrated their first anniversary and paying their associates 10k per month. I wish my friend - Vivekananthan & Team "ALL THE BEST " in joining hands with TATA's , RELIANCE, INFOSYS.... to transform INDIA into a developed nation by 2020 !!!