Saturday, October 09, 2010

Theoreneurial Life Cycle for Winning Companies !!

Corporate job's are risk averse and but less fun as we don't get to do "What We Feel Like", unlike doing a Business!! From "Rags to Riches" stories comes from Entrepreneurs and not regular 9-5 job seekers. I also come to understand all can't become "Entrepreneurs" but have to go thru the below life cycle, either thru our - day today job as Head of XYZ or as Entrepreneur. "Theoreneurial Life Cycle" is must know for all who are doing/will do business or Lead/leading a company !!

"Business Planning, Economic Environment, Business Economics, Industry Analysis,Business Strategy, Product Development, Marketing, Sales,After Sales & Services Marketing, Product Management(Version/Upgrades), Operations & Supply Chain Management, Accounting, Costing, Working Capital Management, Pricing,Finance, Banking, Budgeting, Managing People, Law, Taxation, Communication, Negotiation and Networking "

Practicals Learnings from the above life cycle will be experienced early by real guys out there doing "Entrepreneurial Work" and those who learn these concepts thru' "Theoreneurial Learnings" llike MBA's/Managers who lead/will lead a company will make use of it to grow the organisations they work by acquiring the "Entrepreneur's - Start Up's".

Winning companies do also these four things right,

"They slim down to a few key simple goals with Clear Targets and CarefulFollow-Through; they maintain High levels of Trust with their Customers, Employees, and Suppliers; they do more of what matters to their consumers and lastly they Channel the Anxiety of their People into Results."

Reference: Stephen Covey, IIMB & Urs Own - Invisible China's Daily Experience :)

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