Tuesday, November 09, 2010


Naanga 5 peru, enga kelvi kekka neraya peru, vali nadatha oru patalame irunthithu, vera vera oorula irunthom, varashum naaalanju vaatiyavathu kandippa meet pannipom chinna vayasula - Quarterly/Half yearly/Annual/ Deepavali/ Pongal/ Ethira leevanu ella leavelayum onna suthirukkom - antha naaatkal "Endrendrum Aliya Ninaivugala Manasula Pathinchirukku", itho ovaruthoroda pagirthalum intha varuda "Deepavali" ONLINE celebration thru maila irunthu,

Vijay aka Bro says, "Ultimately what brings the real happiness is this relationship and the memorable moments,lets cherish this forever".

Vinod aka China says, Deepavali's in the past, where we all assemble and scottapa already have had purchased the crackers for us and then we try to kayavechufy, then get money from all esp aaaya to buy the crackers from Bangar kadai !! Rain will come n play spoil sport and we waking up in the early morning and perima being the first to get up and help us all apply oil along with mom n chiti and all patasu assembled in the front Thinai & make sure the velakku is placed away from the air n crackers for safety and then counting chettiar veetu paatasu paper Vs Ours - those lovely days !! Then going to temple, having a poori chenna breakfast and also the SUN TV programmes used to keep us busy for the rest of the day - lingering moments for all of us and we used to have a great time !!

Vicky Aka iPhone says, Wooow you covered everything except the carrom board game we used to play in the late afternoons. Still I can remember those awesome days!

I really hated going to school after having such a wonderful diwali.

Vijay aka Bro says, Vikku - You forget to mention who usually win, anyways I don't want to tell myself ;-)

Krithika Aka Gang Leader Says, Its great to c the mail, and its even great to know that everybody share the same thoughts. Even i was thinking gone r those days....This generation dont have the same atmosphere v had. It's something special and unique. Not only diwali days, vaadagai cycle, hindi tuition, kites v used to fly, puli mittai, horlicks and maltova (even though they r available now also), nostalgic...,

Vinod aka China says, Sis, tats definitely was those gr8 days which lingers in mind every passing Diwali these days...since u brought the kites, hindi tuition n all, I wish to add one morething that we used to do every summer - swimming in kaveri aaru and adi perukku n mariaamman kovil - bajji, sugar cane juice and also the pariyur pandigai - peengal plate, rubber banthu, suttu velaidrathu, perunkaya dappa, koiya maram, elantha maram,maatuu pongal OMG list was endless - but did all these things year on year !!

Even after doing so much for years we forget something - tats wat this age n time brings to us n not the enjoyment we had and its getting worse for younger wards @ our home too !!

Very nostalgic.....

P.S : @ Akila aka Silent Book Worm - Yet 2 Say ;)
@ All - Just captured the moments from mail to Blog - Add ur comments here so as to enjoy reading in future as well.....


vijai prasad said...

Good idea to capture and record it in the blog,you rock bro !

Vinod said...

Its just a thought - reacted as soon as I got it - with few changes !! I'm rocking is it - Wow, Thx Bro !!

akila said...

yeah, really gr8 days.brings happiness just by the thought itself.

Vinod said...

@ Akila - Wow finally u commentd, still kiruthiga/Vikku didn't, but u did only after Panner Chitaapa did - tat speaks how they are and we are ;)

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