Friday, November 26, 2010

tHaNkS GiViNg

If the only prayer you said in your whole life was, "Thank You," that would suffice.
~Meister Eckhart
Now a days all are celebrating more of western culture than our own(Esp in the countries I work/ed they celebrate X'mas more than their traditional festivals), but if there is any great things that exists else where we shall observe, ponder and if it doesn't affect us much in our day to day life and if we are not neglecting our own tradition, then we can start practicising it for the happiness & well being - why not !! Thanks Giving - Its a new concept for me, but I liked the reason behind it " It is about showing one's gratitude for the blessings that we are showered with" and so here in this post, I would like to "Thank" - All of them who shown gratitude to me !!

a) Parent's - They are the BEST, I have told many a times "We are Blessed" to be their Children, I have had always Loved Them, but this year was more the more special as the way they understand/stood me is "Spot On" and also how much support they give me is beyond any of their peers. I'm proud to say -"No One Can Be Like Them in Understanding & Supporting Me" and I doubt will there be any, but I wish I have one/two more persons in the future who want to reach that spot - Thanks Dad & Mom for being so nice to me - There is no pay back for all the LOVE you guys shower on me & bro, but will try my hardest !!

b) Brother - For being my God Father as always, asking the tough question and making me feel, just don't play with your own life and says often - "Wake Up" kiddo, u have lot of aspiration but start working @ it, I need that to rejig myself once in while and here he was doing that everytime when I was in need and he delivered with out me asking for it - Thanks Bro !! U'r comments in the blog, atleast I know u read the blog - that keeps motivated to write again :)

c) Family Relatives - The nicest people other than immediate family have tough fight and this keeps getting interchanged b/w relatives & friends. This year I would like to Thank Relatives as lot of good memories starts with them during childhood, esp first circle of relatives - "Uncle & Aunts" , "Cousins & Nephews/Nieces", and gets to backstage after we start moving a lot with Friends and colleagues. This year I got pleasant surprises and back in good touch with all of them, which was missing for sometime. Thanks All for making me feel that way !!

d) F-R-i-E-N-D-S - I have seen some phases of it, some never stops growing, some dwindles when we thought it will never happen, some started off with a bang and didn't even move beyond a week, some we know we had a great relationship even when we don't speak that often, some changed after they get a family, but yesterday "Tour De School" brought back lot of good memories of our school friends - we still are a close knit gang - Thanks Guys & Gals for being my friend and bring happiness, joy and helping me to overcome some really sad days/things that otherwise would have been difficult to contain !!

e) Colleagues & Job - Last 2 years, I have been seeing more of the South Horizon and in the middle of the year, even I have seen the tip of the south, luckily "Thanks Giving" is in the year end and things are looking better, still covering the south and climbing up toward north and I'm in the median and would definitely like to see the North Horizon soon. I have to unofficially Thank my boss who have shown/showing both the horizons of life and definitely he is nice to me !! There was one person who is Sr and we worked very closely last year and she was part of the successful project win in one of the leading Insurance firm - Thanks a Lot for being there !!

f) Clients - Thinks again was tough for the last two years and picking up and there were couple of clients who have helped me to climb from the tip of south towards better horizons and this is the best time to Thank them for believing in me and I need to Special Thank to One person the most for making me work @ a crucial juncture of almost giving up and inch towards my first deal - Thanks will not suffice for resurrecting my career !!

g) Tutors - Lot of tutors we would have come across in our school & college and very rarely we remember them for long. Few of them I would like to thank are my X grade "Maths" tutor for being so helpful and hardworking. My first year S/W Engg Tutor & OOAD Tutor for their teaching and finally becoming friends !! Glad that I met them and got tutored by them, in corporate life I would say my biggest tutor was "Experience" and I got loads n loads of them as I experimented enough and circumstances allowed me to experience more than what I could handle sometimes. Thanks all for teaching the best you could & shaping me for a bright future !!

h) Others - Who have discouraged me, who have encouraged me indirectly or directly, they have in a way induced me further in climbing the ladder for sure, Thank You All for being part of this year journey and I know you guys will come up next year too - to scale me up in LIFE !!

I) Myself - I Thank My Gut Feel/Instincts/Blind Confidence(tho less compared to my peak) for "Not Giving Up" in so many instances, when Doubt & Only Doubt was my company and I was walking a path - few have taken and with no experience to handle - I Struck Around and I'm seeing the light @ the end of the Tunnel !! Pls share your thoughts in your blog/FB/Twitter/Mail Them - who ever touched you this year.

Have a Happy Thanks Giving to All !!


vijai prasad said...

Yet another good post bro, as I told in our chat -these days after seeing your posts I get a feel that I missed it and I could have also posted something on the same topics, it will be really good to read all your posts in the future, continue to post like these

Vinod said...

@ Bro - Its inspiring to write more !! I will try to write what I like most & if it does inspire u to write - I'm more than happy !!

vijai prasad said...

As of now I'm very happy to read my bro's blog...sure,will try to type down :-)