Wednesday, April 02, 2014

Candid Photographer & Blogger Friend

I started following Amrit from his IIT days & he is one person who has shown me "You Can Achieve Everything if We Put Our Heart In To It", he has done it in style many couldn't do !! I like his openess, rarely I have seen a person that much open in India !! I'm a silent spectator of his work for long long time, I started reading his blog then came the Shittons, from being a nerd (IIT) to a long distance runner, mountaineer, corporate hulk (PWC) to now his final passion - Photography,  he is an inspiration to me in many ways !! I would say he is evolving to be one among the well known Candid Wedding Photographers in India and hopefully in Asia as well in future ! He doesn't know me that well, but I thought this post will help spread the words & so he can continue the passion for long time to come. Amrit - Wish You & Neelab Highly Successful Stint in the photography work that you guys want to pursue !! His professional work of Wedding Candid Photography can be found here, Shaadigrapher


Amrit said...

Thank you so much Vinod. Appreciate this.

kavitha said...

good one keep it up

IIP EDU said...

A good article and surprisingly balanced from a mainstream media outlet!

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