Thursday, November 04, 2010


"Invisible China in China" happened at-last and I loved each & every moment cos of my Chitappa(uncle) who took good care of me in China even at this age, like he did when I got sprained my leg in the Marina Beach 15 years ago - that's true affection & I felt it in every movement as well as moment, Chithi gave the same warmth thru phone calls this time around unlike then CITY Life "Uyirulla Kathirukkai, Cards Playing, Daily Shopping" experiences @ Chennai!! Chitappa - Thank You for showering me all those care which was overwhelming at times and at the same time made me realize after a long time - I'm getting to feel the need of relationship and relatives after few years of seclusive life style in Singapore & Hong Kong !! We cousins have got the best affection, learnings & treatments from All Our "Appa's (Periappa, Appa, Paneer & Parthipan Chitappa) & Amma's(Periamma, Amma, Uma & Baghyam Chithi)", Touch-wood let that continue for ever for us and also hope we do that to our generation as well !!

Moving to the heart of the trip - "Guangzhou" - A place my Chitaapa & Chithi along with their daughters Deepu & Mahisha inherited and consider as their second home & it indeed made me also feel the same way. Guangzhou - I loved the City for the weather, wide roads, good infra n food too !! I liked the place for the "Legacy Modernization" approach they have handled thru SEZ route and Chinese Govt have transformed this normal place in to a "Commerce Hub" where people from all over the world visit to do business - All in less than 20 Years !! I saw so much of sky scrapers and well paved roads and multi layered fly overs and was in awe. But China shows the world "If There is Will, There is A Way" and being a corrupt nation themselves they could do so much that we sud be learning from them and step on the pedal to rise the bar soon to lead Asia & World, like China is doing now in Asia !!

Chitappa offered me the best food of the trip @ home during the first & second supper - "Pepper Chicken" from his culinary skills that was seasoned during his studying days, supplemented with the better known local cuisine from Guandong province - which are normally less spiced, less salted, but ate a lot of variety which I never ever consumed in life till then - Dumpling with Veg stuffing, Pork, Cow stuffing, Brazilian Buffet with all parts of Beef, Japanese Sushi, raw Solmon Fish, Oats, boiled Bracoley & pumkin, lot of fruits - Dates(for the first time I ate the fresh dates and it was really good)
Visited "Pearl River(In the Photo), Fushan(reaching this place took lot of effort for even Chitappa to make the local understand n all my thoughts of trying to find my way in China myself in the next trip was slowly vanishing), Banyan Tree Temple(1400 Years Old), Beijing Lu (Shopping Street where we bought the Warmers/Jackets for winter from Jeans West where the quality and options are more and Beijing Lu is like Nanjing Lu in Shanghai I was told), Leather Market - offered wide variety of shoes for whole sale and fake shoes with all "Hi-End Designer Labels like Gucci, LV, Clarks" too !!

In the Central Guangzhou saw - Big malls (Next to which Govt destroyed a 3 store tower to build a park for people to relax), Samsung Ad-Covered building that welcomed the athletes to the Asian Games in Guangzhou, Tien He sports Center and also the TV Tower (in the photo) is so brightly colored with the best of the bulbs for the Opening ceremony of Asian Games. I would have felt sad if I had missed that view from the Harshvada along the "Pearl River" that plies between the Guangzhou @ a beautifully done pavements on both the side of the river which has good area to walk, sit, jog and reside - I loved the whole sight of It. The pavements on both sides invited me to jog again after a long long time !! I LOVED Guangzhou as a whole but this night view of this river captured my heart n mind !!

We also went to Shenzen and luckily we kept the luggage in the station itself before moving on to the best attraction - "Windows of the World". This place provides the miniature of all the best places in the world, esp most of the 7 World Wonders !! Had a tough time capturing them with out ppl or buildings in the background as its crowded and covered by buildings even thought its in outskirts of Shenzen. One bad thing was no where in the MTR station they mentioned about the attraction, if we need to take a tour it will take 4-5 hrs minimum and even after walking the whole length & breadth of the place, I missed some of them as its big and worth a visit once. We had our dinner in one of the Pakistani/Indian restaurant & Chitappa came almost till the gates of immigration and we bid adieu to one of my first trips to China !! Chitappa thanks for showing me the best of Guangzhou & Shenzen and it was indeed a memorable trip for me - worth the wait of 4 years since the time you invited me to China !!


vijai prasad said...

Hey Bro - your travelogue takes me back to china and it remains me of my trip,very detailed narration
On Chithappa - yes I definitely agree with you,In fact all our appas(Appa,chithappa,periappa)are role models to us,I've observed him pretty closely from childhood,the way he plans,manages time,talks with people,respect to elders - I was lucky to be with him on most of his vacations and observed in him all this good characters,He is a living example in our family to prove that money is not everything,still one can maintain good relationship with all,help others by all means and be a down to earth person,If we can't match him by all means but at least we should keep making concious effort all the time to lead such a life,after reading your blog i just thought to type down my feelings as well on Chithappa

Vinod said...

Yes I felt the same - I feel we are gifted in a way to get the Appa's (Appa, Periappa, Chitappa) & Amma's (Amma, Periamma, Chithi) all are great in one way are the other !! Thanking is what we can do to elders and I have to edit it to include Amma's part too !!

vijai prasad said...

Yes true bro, they are silent unsung heroes, even i forgot to mention, I felt so emotional and moved after reading your blog, that I even missed to check the snaps closely, they have come out really good, everywhere it's bright and cheerful, hope our life also remains the same, let's keep working towards that

kandasamy said...

Vinod I read your experiences and observations during your stay at China along with chithappa. I got the feeling of that, as if I have visited china and stayed with my brother. Very good and enjoyable. You and vijay have rightly pointed out about Mr. Parthi's affection with all our family members which we have to keep it in mind for ever. I appreciate and admire to note your high regards with your appas and ammas. We feel very happy and proud to know the inner feelings of our wards. God bless you. With best wishes.

Vinod said...

@ Yes we sud strive hard for tat !!
@ Chitappa - Thx for coming n readnig and also writing a comment - which normally many first timers need tutoring - this shows the tech prowess u have these days !! We are proud n happy to have got the family like we have !!

vignesh said...

Hey Vinod, It is been Long time visiting your blog. As usual really a nice post, and this one insisting on the family relationships. Great Photos from China trip. Liked the food varities and the Riveside pics.

Vinod said...

Dai Mottai,
Appreciate your comments da, yes this post is abt family and relatives and thx for ur compliments on the China photos too !!